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CP - smells like laundry detergent.

On the plus side - it sticks well and no discoloration, no acceleration. On the minus side - NOTHING like the description. If you want a laundry soap with some herbal notes, this is it.

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Amazing Scent

I don't know what the old formulation was like, but I think this is just amazing! It is not traditional, its sort of fruity/floral, but I have to think "Christmas" when I smell it. I made a multi-colored swirl loaf with bright pigments in the Latin tradition and I added multi-colored jojoba beads. It's just like a festive pinata :-) The house smells amazing and I get a good waft of it every time I go by my workroom.

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Loved the original

Loved the original. After it was reformulated, I was disappointed. It's a nice scent, but not the 'knock your socks off' scent it was originally. I have found that Wassail is close to the original FN scent, but I see that Wassail is now to be discontinued. How sad. Can you recommend another scent that is close to the original Feliz Navidad?

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Just made a 2.5 lb soap with this fragrance. I behaved very nicely. Waited to put the fragrance in right before working with the soap. Made a Christmas tree swirl. Did not scent the colors because there was so little soap there anyway. No acceleration, used fragrance calculator for strong scent. No problems, great scent.

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Not crazy about the new formula, either

It's hard to give it 5 stars when the original was such an over-the-top amazing scent. I didn't know anyone who didn't like it, and it was in high demand during the holidays. I couldn't keep enough. Then I bought more than I normally would to keep up with demand, and it was not the same. All is not lost, though. If you were a fan before, or even if you feel like I do, that it's still okay to use, try mixing it. I have some different scents, like cinnamon and citrus spices, that I am experimenting with. The scent as is can be a little sweet for me, but mixed with the right spicier or citrusy scents, it's still a powerhouse, and I still expect my sales to be pretty good. It's a lot of work finding just the right mixture, though, and now I am buying more than one or even two fragrances for my experimenting, hence only three stars.

Reply from Bramble Berry
I'm sorry to hear this formulation was not your favorite! If you are wanting to mix this oil with something spicier, I would recommend the Arabian Spice Fragrance Oil. I hope this helps!