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Hubby liked

Reminds me of a spa like scent, didnt accelerate. Real nice, I'd buy more :)

CP - smells like laundry detergent.

On the plus side - it sticks well and no discoloration, no acceleration. On the minus side - NOTHING like the description. If you want a laundry soap with some herbal notes, this is it.

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Amazing Scent

I don't know what the old formulation was like, but I think this is just amazing! It is not traditional, its sort of fruity/floral, but I have to think "Christmas" when I smell it. I made a multi-colored swirl loaf with bright pigments in the Latin tradition and I added multi-colored jojoba beads. It's just like a festive pinata :-) The house smells amazing and I get a good waft of it every time I go by my workroom.

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Loved the original

Loved the original. After it was reformulated, I was disappointed. It's a nice scent, but not the 'knock your socks off' scent it was originally. I have found that Wassail is close to the original FN scent, but I see that Wassail is now to be discontinued. How sad. Can you recommend another scent that is close to the original Feliz Navidad?

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Just made a 2.5 lb soap with this fragrance. I behaved very nicely. Waited to put the fragrance in right before working with the soap. Made a Christmas tree swirl. Did not scent the colors because there was so little soap there anyway. No acceleration, used fragrance calculator for strong scent. No problems, great scent.