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Not my favorite

So, this has a very earthy smell to it, which I do not think that green tea really has. To me, it almost has a dirty grass smell to it. While I do not love the scent, I still gave it 3 stars because a little goes a long way and it mixed with my bath bomb base very nicely. I mixed it with another fragrance to even out the earthy smell. I don’t think anyone would want to soak in a tub smelling like this on it’s own!

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Some of my customer say this smells like Chili Verde

My customer still like the scent, but I have had a lot of people say it smells like Chili Verde to me, it almost has a peppery scent to it. I use this in a "Green Tea Facial Bar although no one says they don't like it, most don't say they love the smell either. I just think it is funny that is the common comment

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One of my favorites!

Loooove this fragrance oil! It's just the right combo of fresh, clean, and light. I use it in CP soap at medium strength using the fragrance calculator and it's perfect!

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This smells just like green tea, and I really love it in candles and soaps. It's calming and beautiful!

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Mixed Reviews

Smells very authentic and fresh, definitely makes me want to drink green tea! However, my customers have given this mixed reviews. It seems to be a polarizing scent that everyone smells differently- either you love it or hate it. Those who don't like it say it smells like "cigarette butts" or "acetone". I don't get it, but may retire this scent from my body spray line if it continues to get bad reviews from my clients.