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This fragrance is wonderful in my CP Shea and Mango soap. I hope you never discontinue this.

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love/hate this fragrance

I bought this fragrance looking for something for a Christmas craft fair. I was worried based on some of the reviews whether I would like it or not. When I smelled the FO right out of the bottle I hated it, yuck cough medicine! I made a beautiful batch of swirled soap (white, red, and green) and I still hated the smell. It mellowed a bit by the time it had cured but I still did not like it. Surprisingly it was my biggest seller at the craft fair!!!!! People who tended to like the strongly scented soaps raved about this fragrance. I would definitely buy it again for a craft fair, but not for myself.

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Love it.

I just this minute finished making CP Christmas soap with this FO. I always love the smell out of the bottle. The problem was that I am a white, red and green person for the holidays and I like fragrance in ALL my swirl colours, I was sceptical to use it since the product description says that it discolours to yellow. So I decided to replace the white with gold (using Gold Sparkle Mica) because I like my whites Lilly white.==And you know what==Did not turn yellow at all. Talk about a happy soaper. Slight acceleration though, but I managed. I did the Circle Swirl in the Heavy Duty Column Mold. and everything looks great thus far. Cannot wait to unmold and cut.===This FO sure is a keeper for me. The smell is divine.

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Great Candy

This scent smells great in the bottle as well as in cold process soap. I should have used more than (3.55 oz. in 35 oz. of soap batter with a temperature below 125 degree) to obtain the same intensity in smell. I am hoping it will slight intensify over time. I did notice a slight acceleration in the soap batter.

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Pretty Ribbon!

That is what I named my soap using this fragrance. Now I'm not advocating or condoning this, and don't try this at home BUT-- I took a bar of this soap to the shower after only 24 hr. Don't Judge me!! lol I love this fragrance and I think it has been cubby holed into a holiday scent that can go anywhere it wants. At first I felt it smelled like the whole Christmas shoppe but realized it has a wonderful almost incense way about it. That's my take on this fantastic fo. No discolorization and no acceleration. And sticks well in cp! What else do you want?