Pink Project Roundup

There are so many ways to incorporate pink into DIY bath and body projects. You can use multiple shades or just sprinkle a little salt on top. 

Find plenty of pink DIY bath and body projects here!

Pink sea salt adds a natural pop of color to bath and body recipes. In this bath salts project, we mixed it with Wild Rose Fragrance Oil and dried flowers for a luxurious experience. If you like a bit of shimmer in your tub, try the Rose Gold Kits. These bath bomb kits are coated in pink and gold mica and scented with Rose Gold Fragrance Oil, which is a sweet mix of coconut, cashmere, and vanilla. The Raspberry Jam Bath Truffles fill the water with a fruity scent and plenty of bubbles.

pink bath salts and bath bombs | bramble berry

Masks are another way to bring the spa home. The Rose Clay Face Mask is designed for all skin types. Rose clay absorbs excess oil while rosehip and avocado oil keep skin moisturized. 

rose clay face mask | bramble berry

If you want to try more natural pink colorants, madder root is a good option - we used it in the Swirl Buttermilk Castile Soap. It has a creamy lather that feels amazing on the skin. The Pink Salt & Gold Cold Process Soap is topped with pink sea salt and Gold Sparkle Mica for an elegant finishing touch. Rose Quartz Fragrance Oil is a perfect complement for the pink and white color palette.

The Wild Rose Soap has a pop of green that looks beautiful with Rose Pearl Mica. The Raspberry Truffle Soap has a pink and brown color palette that's topped with a cute embed. It's inspired by Raspberry Truffle Fragrance Oil, which smells just like the real thing.

pink cold process soap | bramble berry

The Soap Donuts are also scented with Raspberry Truffle Fragrance Oil. It's an adorable melt and pour project that's fun to make with kids. Another option is the Rose Quartz Soap. Pink and white melt and pour is scented with Rose Quartz Fragrance Oil and swirled together. Then, the bars are cut into gems.

pink melt and pour soap | bramble berry