How to Use Quick Lotion Mix

We're so excited to announce a brand new product in our line, Quick Lotion Mixes! They're bags of premixed oils and emulsifiers. All you need is liquid, a preservative, and your favorite additives - no need to worry about formulating a recipe or buying individual oils.

They're a great introduction to lotion making for beginners, and a great time saver for crafters of all skill levels. Learn all about our Quick Lotion Mixes below.

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The recipes

We make Quick Lotion Mixes in-house here in Bellingham, WA, and they're exclusive to Bramble Berry. The recipes are formulated with high-quality oils and emulsifiers. Our product development team tested each one thoroughly to make sure they're easy to use and feel great.

Rosehip and Jojoba
This one is perfect for face lotion because it's lightweight and absorbs quickly. Along with the rosehip seed and jojoba oil, it's also made with argan, grapeseed, squalane, and vitamin E oils. To keep it emulfisied, the recipe is made with BTMS-50, stearyl alcohol, and emulsifying wax.

Olive and Argan
We formulated this one with luxurious and moisturizing oils that can be used for the body. It's made with olive, argan, vitamin E, and fractionated coconut oil, as well as cocoa and shea butter. BTMS-50, emulsifying wax, and stearyl alcohol keep everything mixed together.

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How to use Quick Lotion Mixes

Making lotion with our Quick Mixes is super easy! First, you need to figure out what ingredients you want to use and how much. 

Your total batch size depends on the containers you're using. For instance, if you have three 4 ounce bottles, your batch size would be 12 ounces.

Not sure how much your containers hold? Place them on a scale, zero the weight, and pour in water. This gives you a rough estimate of how many ounces you need. Make sure to note if you need more or less lotion for your next batch. 

Here's the formula we'll be using:

70-85% Distilled Water
15-30% Quick Lotion Mix
1% Preservative

Those ranges are pretty big - that's because you can make the lotion thinner or thicker based on your preference.

So, let's say you want to use 15% Quick Mix and 85% water. The percentages are based on the total weight of your recipe. For 12 ounces of lotion, that would be 12 x .15 = 1.8 ounces for the Quick Mix, and 12 x .85 = 10.2 ounces for the liquid. For 32 ounces of lotion, that would be 32 x .15 = 4.8 ounces of Quick Mix and 32 x .85 = 27.2 ounces of liquid.

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If math isn't your favorite subject, you can find percentage calculators online that make things a little easier.

Now, let's go over how you can customize the Quick Mixes. Find lotion making ingredients here.

The most common option is distilled water, and that's a great place to start if you're new to this. 

You can also add essential waters, aloe vera concentrate, etc. Just make sure they're made with distilled water or preserved to prevent mold and bacteria. They can be your full liquid amount or a combination. For instance, if you need 10 ounces of liquid, that could be 6 ounces of distilled water and 4 ounces of lavender essential water.

We don't recommend fresh ingredients like milk or tea, as they will spoil and shorten the shelf life to a few weeks.

Our product development team tested the Quick Mixes with different amounts of liquid to see how each felt. Here's what they found:

rosehip and jojoba quick lotion mix usage rates | bramble berry

olive and argan quick lotion mix usage rates | bramble berry

These are non-negotiable. Preservatives prevent mold and bacteria growth in your lotion, making them safe to use for you and your customers.

You can use Optiphen or Phenonip, or new and natural Geogard 221.

We recommend them at 1% of the total weight. So for 12 ounces of lotion, that would be 12 x .01 = .12 ounces. Add them when the mixture is 140° F or below, otherwise they can degrade.


  • Oils and butters - We made the Quick Mixes with extra emulsifier, so you can add up to 5% of your favorite oil, butter, or oil-based extract. Adding more than that will cause separation.
  • Fragrance and essential oils - Add your favorite scents to lotion! Just make sure they're safe for leave-on products - certain essential oils like cinnamon aren't recommended. Find out how much to use with our Fragrance Calculator.
  • Colors - Water-based Lab Colors work best for lotion. You only need a few drops, as too much can transfer to the skin. Learn how to work with Lab Colors here.
  • Water-based extracts - These are new and perfect for lotion! They give it an extra boost of moisture. You can add these at the same time as the preservative and fragrance.

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Making lotion
It's time to put it all together! First, you need to disinfect your tools. This is important for preventing mold and bacteria growth. Make a solution of distilled water and 5% bleach. Dip all your tools and containers in the solution and let them air dry. 

Now you can melt the base using a microwave or a double boiler. For the smaller sizes, first scoop into a heat-safe container. For the larger sizes in bags, you can pop those right in the microwave with the cap on. Heat until it's around 180° F.

In another heat-safe container, add your liquid of choice. Heat until it's around 180°F as well.

When both containers are around 160° F, pour the liquid into the Quick Mix. Stick blend for 1-2 minutes. When the mixture is around 140° F, add a preservative and color/fragrance. Stick blend for another 2-3 minutes.

Pour the lotion into containers and let them sit overnight uncapped. Then, add lids and enjoy!

Project inspiration

Rosehip and Lavender Face Mask Project
You can use the Quick Mixes for more than just lotion! In this case, we made a luxurious face mask. The recipe also features lavender essential water, rose clay, and Natural Lavender and Green Tea Fragrance Oil.

Cucumber Facial Cream Kit
This is a treat for your skin. It comes with Rosehip and Jojoba Quick Lotion Base, as well as cucumber essential water and Natural Cucumber Waters Fragrance Oil.

cucumber facial cream kit | bramble berry


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