How to Layer Candles

London with Particle Goods has been making candles since 2017, and now selling them across the country. In this article and video, she goes over how to create a layered design for this adorable Frosted Fir Candle Project. Learn more below!

Layering is a fun way to incorporate color into your candle projects, but it can take a little practice. It requires careful consideration of wax temperature and a little patience. But the payoff is worth it - you can create gorgeous layers of color that give your candles a distinct look and personality! 

To achieve the design, you need to do multiple pours in the same container over a short period of time. This technique requires some prior candle pouring experience, as well as familiarity with temperatures and how your wax performs. Each wax performs differently. For beeswax candles, check out How to Make Beeswax Candles, and for soy wax candles, check out How to Make Soy Wax Candles.

It can also make candles more prone to certain imperfections like frosting, and can increase the chances of the wax pulling away from your container. Because of this, we recommend getting a few basic recipes under your belt before attempting a layered candle! 

pouring wax for a DIY candle

When you're ready, these tips will help:

  • When layering your colors, always allow the wax to cool completely - it should be fully opaque and no longer warm before pouring the next layer. Then, pour at 140° F or below to ensure the colors don't bleed.
  • If you experience frosting, try pouring at a higher temperature. Increase it in small 5 degree increments. 
  • Some loss of glass adhesion is normal with layering due to the repeated contracting and expanding of the glass while the wax is cooling. Pouring at lower temperatures will help.

For more information about adding colors to candles, check out How to Color Candles. We also have these great Candle Tips.

Ready to get started? Find candle making supplies here and candle making recipes here!

frosted fir candle project by bramble berry


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