Ask Anne-Marie: Soap Making Questions

We love answering your questions about soap. We asked what questions you had about the subject via Instagram and YouTube, and you delivered! Anne-Marie goes over how to get more vibrant colors, soaping temperatures, how to avoid slimy bars, and more!

Time stamps

00:15 @Kaitlynee DiLorenzo - In CP soap how do you figure out what temperature is better for recipes with more hard oils and also for recipes with more soft oils? what helps the most in determining the ideal soaping temp. Generally?

01:46 @Danielle King - What are some factors that cause oil separation after pouring soap and letting it sit? I’ve been making soaps for a few years, but here recently I’ve had issues with it. I don’t know what’s happening!

03:00 @Patty PW - Do you have any recommendations for soap maker in a hot country? The room temperature here is always around 98 degree Fahrenheit! So I get glycerin rivers in my soap all the time and cut soaps were sweaty even! I never changed my formula.

05:27 @MrsJoy & @Lavandosoap - I can't seem to get a good scent throw on my soaps what am I doing wrong?/How to improve the fragrances in cp soap?

07:40 @Maria Rivera - Am new at this and so far am making melt and pour. So can I mix two different M&P base or will it clash?

09:01 @Aarya kenjale - How do I stop my CP soap from forming a slimy layer in the shower? (I’ve added hard oils and butters, introduced a water discount and cured for longer). Nothing seems to work! :(

10:56 @Mzvaness10 - My frozen goat milk curdled and turned orange, can I still use it in my cold process soap?

11:41 @_organic_bliss_ - How do I get vibrant colors in cp soaps?

13:17 @Olysudz - What’s most rewarding about your work?


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