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Four 8 oz. Jars

Seaweed and Cucumber Face Mask Project

Face masks are a fun and effective way to pamper your skin. This Seaweed and Cucumber Face Mask is full of skin-loving ingredients and suitable for a variety of skin types.
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This Seaweed and Cucumber Face Mask is created by emulsifying oils with water, and then adding a mixture of dry ingredients like sea clay and spirulina powder.

The oils in this mask were chosen for their light texture and nourishing properties. Squalane oil is an excellent moisturizer and absorbs quickly. The seaweed extract is dispersed in fractionated coconut oil, which is also light on the skin. They leave the skin feeling hydrated but not oily.

The mixture of kaolin clay and sea clay create a thick but spreadable texture that is not overly drying. This mask is good for normal and combination skin. If you have dry skin, you can use less clay as shown in the Lavender Face Mask. If you have oily skin, increase the amount of clay as shown in the Pumpkin & Clay Face Mask.

Spirulina powder is added for color and skin benefits – it’s an algae rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. It has a deep green hue, which gives this face mask a beautiful color. If you’ve worked with it before, you know spirulina does have a fishy odor. We found the ginger essential oil in this recipe covered it up nicely.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate

  • Time to Complete: 30 minutes

  • Kit Yields: Four 8 oz. Jars


9 Ingredients
2 Tools
2 Items From Home
For All 11 Items
For All 11 Items
9 Ingredients
9 Items
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Avocado Oil - 1 lb
Avocado Oil - 1 lb
Varient/Quantity/Set: 0
size: 1 lb
Price: $7.59

Polawax Emulsifying Wax - 1 lb
Polawax Emulsifying Wax - 1 lb
Varient/Quantity/Set: 0
size: 1 lb
Price: $23.49

Btms- 50 Conditioning Emulsifier - 2 oz
Btms- 50 Conditioning Emulsifier - 2 oz
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size: 2 oz
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Kaolin Clay - 2 lbs
Kaolin Clay - 2 lbs
Varient/Quantity/Set: 0
size: 2 lbs
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Sea Clay - 16 oz
Sea Clay - 16 oz
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size: 16 oz
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Seaweed Extract - 1 oz
Seaweed Extract - 1 oz
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size: 1 oz
Price: $3.49

Optiphen - 1 oz
Optiphen - 1 oz
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size: 1 oz
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Ginger Essential Oil - 1.75 oz
Ginger Essential Oil - 1.75 oz
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size: 1.75 oz
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Squalane Oil - 1 oz
Squalane Oil - 1 oz
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Short 8 oz Plastic Bail Jar - 1 jar
Short 8 oz Plastic Bail Jar - 1 jar
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Seaweed and Cucumber Mask Digital Label
Seaweed and Cucumber Mask Digital Label
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21.4 oz. Distilled Water 0.4 oz. Spirulina Powder



Seaweed and Cucumber Face Mask Project
This recipe is full of skin-loving ingredients and suitable for a variety of skin types.


Four 8 oz. Bail Jars 
21.4 oz. Distilled Water
1 oz. Squalane Oil
1.3 oz. Avocado Oil
1 oz. Polawax Emulsifying Wax
0.8 oz. BTMS-50 Conditioning Emulsifier
5 oz. Kaolin Clay
2 oz. Sea Clay
0.4 oz. Spirulina Powder
3 mL Ginger Essential Oil
0.5 oz. Seaweed Extract
0.2 oz. Optiphen

Note: This project was originally made with Cucumber Seed Oil, which was discontinued. Squalane Oil creates a similar product but it will be different from the photos below.


EQUIPMENT PREP: Disinfect your utensils by dipping them in a 5% bleach water solution and allowing to dry. This includes mixing containers, your stick blender, and any spoons or spatulas that may come in contact with your mask. Your products must be as free of germs, bacteria, and microbes as possible. To be safe, bleach water all your utensils.

In a medium container, measure 5 ounces of kaolin clay, 2 ounces of sea clay, and 0.4 ounces of spirulina powder. Mix them together thoroughly.

step 1


In a heat-safe container, combine 1.3 ounces of avocado oil, 1 ounce of squalane oil, 0.8 ounces of BTMS-50, and 1 ounce of Polawax. Heat the container in the microwave using 30-60 second bursts until the waxes have fully melted. Be careful when removing the container, as it will be quite hot. Set aside.

step 2



In a separate large container, heat 21.4 ounces of distilled water in the microwave (or on the stove top) until it reaches about 160-170° F. Once the water reaches the correct temperature, some of it may evaporate. Remeasure and add more distilled water if necessary until you have 21.4 ounces of hot water.


Check the temperatures of both containers. Each container should be about 160° F. If the oil and wax have cooled, reheat in the microwave. Place the stick blender into the water and burp it to help get rid of bubbles. Pour the oil and wax mixture into the water and use a spatula to make sure every little bit is added. Begin pulsing the stick blender. The mixture will take on a milky appearance once the water, oil, and waxes have begun to emulsify. Continue to pulse and stir for about a minute



Add heaping spoonfuls of the clay mixture and pulse the stick blender until combined.



Continue stick blending for about 1-2 minutes. Use a spatula to scrape down any clay that may be on the sides of the bowl. Check the temperature of the mixture. Once it's about 130-140° F, add 0.2 ounces of Optiphen, 3 mL of ginger essential oil, and 0.5 ounces of seaweed extract. Stick blend (don’t forget to burp the stick blender) the ingredients until fully mixed.



Pour the mixture into the bail jars. Tap the jars on the counter to help get rid of bubbles. You can also spritz with alcohol to help get rid of bubbles. Allow the containers to cool for several hours with the lid open to prevent condensation.


Once fully cooled, the mixture will be a thick, lotion-like texture. To use, apply a medium layer to dry, clean skin. Avoid the immediate eye area. Allow the mask to sit on the skin for at least 15 minutes. Use warm water to rinse off. There is no need to wash the skin after, but you can if you prefer.


Tutorial credits

Photographer: Amanda Kerzman, Kelsey Bray




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