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6 bars of soap

Rose Rebatch Soap Project

These rustic and elegant bars are created with Luxury Rebatch Soap. It's a great project for beginners.
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Rebatch soap feels amazing on the skin, it's easy to make, and it's ready to use right away. That's why it's perfect for beginners.

This project is made with Luxury Rebatch Soap, which is a blend of skin-loving ingredients like shea buttercocoa butter, and mango butter. It's scented with Fairy Tale Rose Fragrance Oil and topped with pink rose petals and jasmine flowers. Rather than distilled water, we added rose water to aid in melting the soap. 

  • Skill Level: Beginner

  • Time to Complete: 1 hour

  • Kit Yields: 6 bars of soap


5 Ingredients
1 Tools
For All 6 Items
For All 6 Items
5 Ingredients
5 Items
We do our best to include just what you need to make your project, however due to available product sizes, you may have left overs.
Fairy Tale Rose Fragrance Oil - 2 oz
Fairy Tale Rose Fragrance Oil - 2 oz
Varient/Quantity/Set: 0
size: 2 oz
Price: $7.70

Rose Pearl Mica - 1 oz
Rose Pearl Mica - 1 oz
Varient/Quantity/Set: 0
size: 1 oz
Price: $3.25

Jasmine Flowers - 3 oz
Jasmine Flowers - 3 oz
Varient/Quantity/Set: 0
size: 3 oz
Price: $8.25

Rose Water - 16 oz
Rose Water - 16 oz
Varient/Quantity/Set: 0
size: 16 oz
Price: $16.95

Grated Rebatch Soap - Luxury - 1 lb
Grated Rebatch Soap - Luxury - 1 lb
Varient/Quantity/Set: 0
variant-quantity-set: 1 lb
Price: $6.25

1 Tools
1 Items
6 Bar Oval Silicone Mold - 1 Mold
6 Bar Oval Silicone Mold - 1 Mold
Varient/Quantity/Set: 0
variant-quantity-set: 1
Price: $13.49




Rose Rebatch Soap Project
This project is so easy to make. Just heat the rebatch, add fragrance, and top it with dried flowers for an elegant finishing touch.

Rose Rebatch Soap Project | Bramble Berry


6 Cavity Oval Silicone Mold
28 oz. Luxury Rebatch Soap
About 2 oz. Rose Water
1 oz. Fairy Tale Rose Fragrance Oil
1 tsp. Rose Pearl Mica
Pink Rose Petals
Jasmine Flowers



Measure 1 ounce of Fairy Tale Rose Fragrance Oil into a glass container and set aside. Add 1 teaspoon of Rose Pearl Mica to 1 tablespoon of a lightweight liquid oil (like sunflower or sweet almond) and use a mini mixer to combine and get rid of clumps. 


Place a large sauce pot on the stove and turn the heat to medium low. You can also use a double boiler or a slow cooker.


Add about half of the Luxury Rebatch Soap into the pot - it's okay to eyeball it. Add about 1 ounce of rose water.


Allow the soap to heat and soften. Stir every 60 seconds to prevent burning on the bottom. 


Add the remaining Luxury Rebatch Soap and allow to heat. Continue to stir as necessary. Add small splashes of the rose water to the mixture if necessary. 

Rose Rebatch Soap Project | Bramble Berry


Add all of the dispersed Rose Pearl Mica to the mixture and stir until the color is entirely incorporated and there are no streaks. 


Once the soap is smooth and looks like thick mashed potatoes, add all the Fairy Tale Rose Fragrance Oil. Stir well.

Rose Rebatch Soap Project | Bramble Berry


Working quickly, spoon soap into one cavity of the mold and press the rose petals and jasmine flowers on top. Continue this process until all of the cavities are filled. 

Rose Rebatch Soap Project | Bramble Berry


Allow the soap to fully cool and harden in the mold for 24 hours. If the mold pulls away easily from the soap, it's ready to unmold. If not, let it harden for another day.


The soap is ready to use right away, but letting it cure for 2 weeks creates harder bars that last longer in the shower. We recommend it for the best results. Enjoy!

Tutorial credits

Photographer: Amanda Kerzman




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