Gentle Quick Mix

We have a new Quick Mix! They're bags of premixed oils designed to make soaping easier for you. All you have to do is melt and measure – no need to worry about buying individual oils or formulating a recipe. Learn more about Quick Mixes here and shop them all here.

We originally had Basic, Lots of Lather, and Swirl Quick Mix. Our customers asked for a palm-free option, so we created new Gentle Quick Mix. It's part of the Pacific Northwest Collection.

gentle quick mix | bramble berry

Gentle Quick Mix recipe:
33% Coconut Oil
33% Canola Oil
27.2% Pure Olive Oil
3% Mango Butter
2.8% Castor Oil 
1% Vitamin E Oil

It took the Bramble Berry product development team a few months to perfect the formula. We wanted it to feel gentle and moisturizing without being too soft. Palm oil adds firmness to cold process soap, so bars made without it tend to be softer. Learn more in the Palm Oil Alternatives in Cold Process Soap article.

A common replacement is tallow, but we wanted the Quick Mix to be available for those who don't use animal products. The coconut oil and mango butter help firm the recipe, while canola and olive oil gently moisturize. We also added coconut and castor oil for lather, as recipes with a lot of olive oil tend to have smaller, creamier bubbles. Vitamin E oil helps extend the shelf life of the Quick Mix.

stick blending cold process soap | bramble berry

To use, place the bag of Quick Mix in the microwave with the cap on. Heat until the oils are completely clear and give the bag a good shake to mix. Weigh out what you need into a heat-resistant container. If you prefer, you can heat the bag in a pot of hot water on the stove. Just make sure it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot – the bag is heat resistant, but it can melt in extremely high temperatures.

Because of the high percentage of soft oils, Gentle Quick Mix works well for intricate designs like swirls and layers. We were able to unmold test soaps in 2-3 days. You can always speed that process up by adding 1 teapoon of sodium lactate per pound of oils to the cooled lye water, or by using a water discount.

With Gentle Quick Mix, we had plenty of time to create the Evergreen Mountain Soap. It has a simple mountain landscape design that's scented with new Evergreen Forest Fragrance Oil. Get the recipe here and see how to make it in the video below.