Bramble Berry Exclusive Products

One thing we're very proud of is that our company is full of makers. It helps us understand what tools and ingredients work best for you. 

That's why we order fragrance oils that not only smell great, but perform well in soap. We make bases that can be used right out of the container, but can also be customized to fit your needs. 

Learn more about our exclusive products below!

bramble berry exclusive products

Products we make in-house

All of our bases are designed to make your life easier. We originally brought in lotion and other body care bases to help small business owners expand their product lines without having to invest too much time or shelf space. We do the formulating and measuring for you!

You can use them right out of the containers. We have plenty of options to choose from, including lip gloss, body balm, and even deodorant base. There are a variety of textures and ingredients to suit every preference.

If you want to put your own spin on them, you can add your favorite scents and colors. The lotion bases are formulated to accept 5% additional oil, extract, fragrance, or silicone. Water-based products like aloe vera liquid don't need more emulsifier, but they will thin the lotion and still need to be stick blended in.

We have soap too! Melt and pour and rebatch bases are easy to use and great for beginners. Just melt, mix in your favorite additives, and pour into a mold.

bramble berry quick mixes

Quick Mixes were designed for cold process beginners too. However, they're also a great time saver for any skill level. We use them often! Because the recipe is already formulated and measured, you can get to the fun part faster.

Color Blocks and Lab Colors
Color Blocks are a must-have for melt and pour soap. They're super concentrated blocks that we make with pigments, micas, or both. We blend the recipe for at least 5 minutes to ensure everything is dispersed evenly. We also have Color Blocks made with natural options like charcoal, clay, etc. 

To use them, add a few shavings to melted soap and stir - a little goes a long way. They mix in easily with no mess and no streaks in the final bars.

bramble berry color blocks

Lab Colors are FD&C liquid dyes that we mix by hand in our fulfillment center. They can be used for all projects, but they're especially great for lotion and liquid soap because they mix in so easily. Lab Colors do need to be diluted before use. Learn how here.

Products made exclusively for us

Phthalate-free fragrance oils
These are one of the first products we started with in 1999. For Bramble Berry CEO and Founder Anne-Marie, performance was just as important as scent. 

That's still the case today. We ask our vendors for certain scents, and then choose a few of our favorites. Next, we test them in several batches of cold process soap. We want minimal acceleration and discoloration. They also need to smell amazing after 6 weeks of curing. If they don't perform well, they're either reformulated or scrapped.

We have more than 200 fragrance oils to choose from. They're skin safe and phthalate free, and you can use them in all your bath and body recipes. 

bramble berry fragrance oils

We started designing our silicone molds after we couldn't find the shapes we were looking for. We wanted unique options like succulents, sand dollars, and citrus slices, along with basics like squares and ovals. We also wanted to make sure they were easy to hold and use in the shower. And because the molds are made of silicone, they're flexible and long lasting.

Our wood molds are made for us by a local company here in Bellingham, WA. They also make tools like the Soap Shaver, Wire Soap Slicer, and multi-pour dividers. 

They're perfect for larger batches. Wood molds also insulate soap well, so if you prefer to gel your recipe they'll help with that. Make sure to handwash them and they'll last a lifetime!

bramble berry silicone molds