Ask Anne-Marie: All About Colorants

Playing with color is one of our favorite parts of creating bath and beauty products. But with so many different kinds to choose from, it can feel a little confusing. In this video, CEO and founder Anne-Marie covers the basics of powdered colorants and liquid dyes. Then, she answers your questions on how add them to various products, how to get vibrant shades, and more.

Time stamps

  • 05:32 How do you know how much colorant to put in cold process soap?
  • 06:49 Will using too much mica affect how long the soap takes to cure?
  • 07:50 When do you mix in colorants? With liquid oils or at trace?
  • 08:47 What are other natural colorants that have vibrant colors?
  • 09:43 My micas color the bathtub when I use them in bath fizzies, what should I use instead?
  • 10:58 Is there a certain temperature when you should add your colorants to melt and pour soap?
  • 11:44 The red color block comes out more pink. How can you get a good red in melt and pour soap?
  • 12:18 How to know what colors are going to get affected by vanilla discoloration and how to fix it?

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