Spring Colors for 2023

If you’re a designer of bath and beauty products, or if you’re a fashion-conscious hobbyist, you’ll want to know what colors are going to be popular in spring of 2023. It’s difficult to know what colors exactly are going to appear on runways and in homes, but we do have some clues.


Color in spring 2023 fashion collections

Spring fashion collections come out before spring, of course. For example, New York Fashion Week, a week of live streams, runway shows, panels, and more, happened in mid-September 2022. During NYFW, spring clothing collections were put on display. These designer collections tend to influence fashion trends, from haute couture all the way to fast fashion.

Overall, what dominated the runway at NYFW were soft shades and warm neutrals, often paired with bold colors. This may reflect a feeling of optimism as we start to leave the pandemic years behind. We’re seeing comfort and warmth in contrast to the stress caused by the global pandemic, and the pops of bold colors reflect joy, experimentation, and maybe even a tinge of escapism.

Apple Moss Green Mica
This Apple Moss Green Mica has a green that's brightened and warmed up.

Some new takes on basic colors seem present as well. Whether that means that classic hues are warmed up, or desaturated, they all bring a sense of familiarity or even nostalgia.

Surprisingly, stark blacks were also popular at NYFW. You might say, well black is always in style, but there was more black represented than one would expect based on previous spring fashion trends.


Colors from Pantone

Pantone is another big driver of color trends. Pantone is a company that provides a proprietary color matching system that’s used in many industries, from fashion to product design. Each year, Pantone names a color of the year, and this color tends to drive trends in the coming months.

Last year’s Pantone color of the year was Very Peri, a delicate periwinkle color, and we did indeed see the influence of that color on 2022 palettes.

Pantone’s color of the year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, a warm and energetic pink and purple color. It’s vibrant, but still welcoming. 

Red Berry Soap Tarts
These adorable Red Berry Soap Tarts use our magenta color block colorant.

Pantone also released their 2023 Spring/Summer Color Trend Report, and when you look at some of the shades mentioned, you see a lot of boldness, expressiveness, and opportunity for contrast.

Here are ten of the colors from the Color Trend Report:

  • Fiery Red - A classic and energetic red with a cool undertone.
  • Beetroot Purple - This warm purple hue manages to be energizing and peaceful at the same time.
  • Tangelo - A bright orange hue that evokes tangerine peels.
  • Peach Pink - A warm, soft pink that feels serene.
  • Empire Yellow - A balanced and classic yellow that is perfect for adding cheerfulness.
  • Crystal Rose - A very romantic and delicate pink, both cooler and lighter than Peach Pink.
  • Classic Green - A clean, cool green reminiscent of kelly green.
  • Love Bird - A daring and sassy chartreuse that feels adventurous.
  • Blue Perennial - A slightly lighter blue than classic denim blue. Relaxing and familiar.
  • Summer Song - A desaturated greyish blue reminiscent of open sunny skies. 

You can see that, as with spring fashion palettes, there’s a lot of opportunity to mix bold with classic, bright with soft.

Additionally, there’s an implicit invitation here to mix warm and cool colors.


Color trends in interior design

Color trends in interior design might be the most practical information of all for folks that make soap, candles, and other body products.

Paint company Benjamin Moore announced Raspberry Blush as its 2023 color of the year. It’s a fiery orange-red, the kind of red that you might see in a slowly fading sunset. We’re also seeing other very bold red colors coming into fashion.

Pink Salt Scrub
This Pink Salt Scrub uses cranberry seeds as an exfoliant. They add a warm pop of red.

These bright reds are complemented by warm toned neutrals. Blank Canvas is Behr’s color of the year, and it’s a warm off-white. The warm undertones are easy to accent with bold warm colors.

We’re also seeing darker neutrals, like brown ochres. Warm, non-intrusive tones offer a feeling of comfort and security. Colors from organic materials, like woods and leather, provide coziness without sacrificing modern sensibilities.
Sherwin Williams’s 2023 color of the year is Redend Point; a beige-blush color that takes pink almost to a neutral hue. Think about some of the pinks you might see in sandstone cliffs in Arizona. Warm, comforting, and modern.

We’re seeing more colors from nature represented as well, but instead of browns and ochres, we’re seeing bright yellows, leaf greens, rich colors that evoke anything from flower petals to soil to charcoal. York Wallcoverings named Amber as its 2023 color of the year, claiming that the glowing yellow-orange emanates a sense of renewal and power. We’re also seeing a new, modern take on classic jewel tones.

Bonfire Spin Swirl Soaps
This Bonfire Spin Swirl Soap features rich browns, warm reds, and bright oranges.

Overall, color trends for 2023 prize versatility, self-expression, and a seductive mix of joy and comfort. 
If you’re planning projects for spring in 2023, you might want to take a look at our selection of colorants. We’re sure we have just the thing for whatever you have planned.


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