What's in a Beeswax Candle Making Kit?

If you want to try making candles at home, kits are the way to go. They come with everything you need to get started. With our supplies and instructions, you get perfect results every time. Find our candle making kits here and learn what they include below!

art0171 lavender beeswax candle kit


The kits come with the exact number of jars you need. They're high quality and made with heat-safe materials like glass or metal. They're wrapped to prevent breaking during transit, so make sure to remove all the packing material and give them a quick clean if they need it. Then they're ready to use!


We offer several types of beeswax and soy wax, and we also offer coconut wax. They're tested to ensure they have great scent adhesion and throw. The kits include the wax that works best for the recipe.

Fragrance oil

All of our fragrance oils can be used in candles! We do recommend testing them in a small batch to check the strength and ensure you like the smell when burned. Our instructions give exact amounts, but you can add more or less if you like. Have fun customizing! 

art0171 beeswax candle kit fragrance oils


Our wicks come in several sizes, and we have both cotton and wood. Which one you choose depends on the size of the container. Because all our kits are tested before they go on the website, we send the size that gives you the best burn.

Printed instructions

These ensure the process goes smoothly! They include step-by-step instructions and photos that are clear and concise. You can find videos on the product pages that show the recipe from start to finish. Our candle kits also have tips about storage, temperature, and cleanup. 

We have more resources on our website! Check out How to Make Beeswax Candles and How to Make Soy Wax Candles


Labels make your candles look polished and professional! They come in the kit already printed, so just cut them to size and attach to the containers. 

art0171 beeswax candle kit ingredients