Mixing All Our Fragrance Oils

Mixing All Bramble Berry Fragrance Oils

After a few videos mixing random things came out, it quickly became a trend on social media. Safiya Nygaard helped popularize it - her videos mixing candles, bath bombs, and lipstick got millions of views.

It's easy to understand why. There's something satisfying about watching the materials slowly swirl together. 

We had to get in on the fun! In this video, Bramble Berry Creative Director Amanda mixes around 220 of our fragrance oils together. Then, we got the Bramble Berry team and a few of our favorite makers to give it a sniff and tell us what they thought. Thank you to Katie of Royalty Soaps, Tania of Soapish, and Holly of Missouri River Soap for your opinions!

Of course, we had to test it in soap too. Let's just say our studio was pretty fragrant that day. Enjoy!