The Difference Between Kits and Projects

If you want to make bath products from scratch, we have the supplies and inspiration you need to get started. We have both kits and projects on our site. The one you choose depends on a number of factors, including your skill level and how many supplies you need. Learn which option is right for you here!


These come with the following:

  • Ingredients for the recipe - soap base, wax, colorants, fragrances, etc.
  • Printed instructions. These include steps with photos, a list of what comes in the kit, and more inspiration.
  • A mold or containers
  • Printed labels in certain kits

beeswax candle making kit from bramble berry

In the instructions, we list the items you need to provide - usually bowls, spoons, etc. For cold process soap kits, you need distilled water from the grocery store and specialty tools like a stick blender.

Kits are perfect for beginners because they walk you through the process from start to finish. We design the recipes to be simple and quick to make. They also come with almost everything you need, so you don't need to invest in a lot of other supplies. 

We also designed the kits to be giftable. They come in their own box, so you can hand them right to the recipient.

lip balm making kit from bramble berry


What comes with each one varies, but in general that includes:

  • Ingredients for the recipe
  • A mold or containers

swirling cold process soap

Projects are meant to be customized, so you can add and remove items. This is great if you already have something like the mold or fragrance at home and don't need another one, or if you want to swap out the color for a different option. The supplies will be boxed with anything else you order, unlike the kits.

Each project has step-by-step instructions and tips, but they don't come printed in the box. You can bookmark the page and refer back to it or print it out. Some also have helpful how-to videos.

We have projects for everyone from beginners to more advanced crafters. Learn how to make easy bath bombs or try a more intricate cold process design!

wildflower bath bombs by bramble berry

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