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Michelle B
Great stuff, and great quality

I am really impressed with this lanolin. It is the first time I have purchased and used lanolin, but boy have I used it - in lotions, chapsticks, and balms. The smell is very faint and not evident in the final product. I am impressed and very happy with my purchase. Will need more soon

Verified Purchase
Works Great!

I believe this is the second time I've bought lanolin from BB and I like it better than the other I bought elsewhere. While it still does have an unpleasant smell it's much less than the unrefined. I use I this in my cold process shampoo bars which are what I use instead of a liquid shampoo. The lanolin helps to moisturize my hair and lock in that moisture. I've been using my shampoo bars consistently for about three years now and have really noticed a difference in my hair and that it's a lot less dry and brittle than it use to be. While I'm sure that's not 100% due to the lanolin I did notice a different when making a batch of shampoo bars without it. I'm very happy with the results from using this product and will continue to use this lanolin in the future.