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True Lilac Scent

I bought this FO based on the reviews and I was also curious about it. I've smelled things claiming to smell like lilacs only to find that they smelled nothing like it. But this FO is outstanding!! It smells like there's a big lilac bush in the room where my soap is curing. It's amazing how this smells exactly like lilacs. It has staying power too, in CP soap. I absolutely love it and will keep making soap with this FO. My female customers love it and even the men comment on how true the smell is to lilacs. Thanks Brambleberry!!

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Great fragrance

I put off using this because as a new soaped I was worried about acceleration. However, I disperse .8 oz of FO in 1 oz of warm sunflower oil, did an in pot swirl and had no problems at all. I was soaping in the kitchen and my sister in the living room called out "Lilac!" It's a great fragrance!

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Mind Blowing!

A friend of mine had some a large quantity of Lilacs blowing in their driveway. I wanted to compare this scent to the real thing and found that this scent is actually BETTER than the real thing! Two thumbs way up!!!

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Amazing scent!

The smell of this is absolutely perfect and devine. It did speed trace a lot, but due to the warning on the bottle and reviewers I was prepared. When I got to emulation I split the batch, added my colorants then split the fragrance between the two. I didn't blend with the stick blender, just use a whisk and did a fast in pot swirl. This seems to have don't the trick. I did get thick really fast, so I'd recommend putting this FO in last min. Didn't seem to mess with the rose clay or purple colorant much, maybe a bit off, but not noticeable if you didn't that wasn't what I was going for. Will definitely order this again!

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I love this FO in everything: CP soap, bath bombs, bubble bars and hand lotion. It has excellent scent retention as well. I did not experience any acceleration with, but I use a very slow-moving recipe with only 30% hard fats.