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I've tried both ways, adding this powder to my lye solution and adding at trace for cold process soap. All that has resulted is grey soap. Highly disappointed.

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I received my Indigo powder today and was so excited to try it out on a column pour, used rose clay, T.D. and activated charcoal for colorants, it all went well until noticed my pretty blue had turned a moss type of green, It does not look bad just not what I wanted! Sigh! Back to the drawing board! Otherwise love all the B.B. products I have purchased thus far.

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I used 2 tsp in a 5 lb batch of CP. I used a palm free recipe. The color is awful! It was a horrible gray on top, and after cutting the inside color is a ugly dark gray/green. The longer it cures, the darker green it becomes. I may experiment a little more to see if I can improve the color, but my first impression is not good.

Love this natural colorant.

I have been trying color my soaps with mostly natural colorants and I love the blue hue this powder gives. I recently just made blueberry soap with Alkanet root and the Indigo powder. The result is beautiful purple and blue swirls. It looks great! I wanted to also make a blueberry flavored lip balm and was wondering if the Indigo Powder was lip safe? I've seen others use it but haven't been able to get a clear answer.

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Love it!

I purchased this pigment on a whim, and after tweaking it enough to get my now signature mossy green color for my soaps. I can't do without it! The color is so natural and my soaps look fantastic.