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    Containers for making DIY candles

    There are a lot of advantages to making container candles. They’re easy to make, just melt, mix, and pour. They have safety advantages. They’re attractive to consumers because they don’t have to invest in special holders for candles, like trays and candlesticks.
    We have a selection of containers that are safe for candle making; this means that they’re unlikely to break, burn, or wick melted wax. We have a variety of options in terms of aesthetics, too. From clear glass to colored glass to metal to ceramic, we have your container candle needs covered.
    Candle container choice matters for more than just looks. Choosing the right container for your DIY candles influences burn time, wick choice, scent throw; basically every characteristic of how your candle burns is influenced by your choice of container.
    Some containers are safe and some aren’t. Our candle containers are all safe for making homemade candles; this means that they won’t burn and are unlikely to break. It also won’t wick the melted wax to the surface of the container (like containers made of porous materials can) resulting in the chance of the container burning where it shouldn’t.
    Container candles are a perfect first project for beginners. They’re simple to make and don’t require a lot of extra tools to make. That’s why our candle making kits are container candle projects; it’s a great place to start learning the basics of candle making!
    Browse our selection of candle jars and other containers, and you’ll find the right size and look for your next batch of candles.