New Liquid Crystal Dyes

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    Liquid Colorants

    If you’re looking for a new way to add strong, clear colors to your bath and beauty products, then your search is over.
    Liquid Crystal dyes are highly concentrated water-based colorants. You only need a little bit, so these dyes will last you a while. They include a preservative to prevent spoilage and come ready to use; no need to dilute or suspend them.
    One remarkable aspect of these liquid dyes is their clarity. As the name suggests, these colors allow for a more translucent look to your bath and beauty projects, and are stunning in clear melt and pour soaps.
    These liquid dyes are less likely to stain the tub (or your skin) than our other liquid dyes, Lab Colors. Because of this, they’re a great bath bomb colorant and perfect for coloring bath salts as well.
    We don’t recommend these liquid colorants for cold process soap, but they’re a great dye for making liquid soaps and melt and pour projects. Since they’re water based, they don’t incorporate well into oily projects like body butters, but they’re beautiful for body sprays, lotions, and other DIY bath and beauty projects.
    To color bath bombs, you can incorporate the Liquid Crystal dye when you combine your wet and dry ingredients. You only need a few drops, so it’s not likely to start the fizzing reaction early. Add to melt and pour soaps while the soap is melted. If you mix well, you’ll get consistent color with no specks.
    For lotions and liquid soaps, just mix in while the product is still warm. For fully water based products, like toners and sprays, you can mix it in while the product is at room temperature. These colors are bright, versatile, and great quality. They’re easy to use, too. Add a little color to your life with Liquid Crystal dyes.