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Michelle B
Lovely smell

What else to say but I think this stuff smells lovely - just like a fresh peeled orange - absolutely delicious.

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Perfect top notes

Wonderful as top note mixed with other essential oils in CP. As other reviews, I find that the scent sticks around nicely. Of note, I soap at lower temperatures, because I use goats milk, so maybe that helps, too. Wonderful sweet orange scent. And such a great price - thank you, BB,!

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Very nice EO

This EO is very good. Affordable and light. At first I thought it was too light, but as the cure went on the scent got stronger. I haven't tried the other Orange EOs but this one seems to be a winner with my family and friends.

Smells amazing

Kind of an update: I make 3.5 lb batches of soap, and I used 3 oz of this in it. The longer the soap aged, the stronger it was! I was worried because others said the scent didn't stick well. I have seen some people add the essential oil with the lye, and I wonder if that harms the scent. Either way, I really enjoyed this essential oil! Everyone who smelled it really loved it, and I cannot wait until I release it for sale. Doubt it will last long. Thank you Brambleberry for supplying an amazing product at an affordable price!

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Kay Raykiewicz
Allergic Reaction

Maybe this was my fault but I had a horrible reaction to this oil and some epsom salts. I was testing out a formulation for bath products and decided to mix a little epsom salt and valencia orange together for myself. I poured it in the bath and within seconds my skin started to burn like crazy. I've never had an issue with epsom salt before so I can only attribute this to the oil. I'll keep testing formulations to see if I can trouble shoot the problem.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kay! I'm sorry our Orange Valencia Essential Oil didn't work out for you. Our essential oils are 100% pure and undiluted so they're quite strong and can be irritating to the skin when used at higher amounts. We recommend using no more than .48 oz of Orange Valencia EO per pound of bath salts for a very strong scent, I suggest starting at just .16 oz per pound found using our Handy Dandy Fragrance Calculator. It could also just be that your skin is sensitive to this specific oil!