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Works For Me

I have used Pumpkin Spice for quite a while, now. I blend it 2 parts to 1 part Chai Tea Cybilla, at 4% total, and use it with a slow-moving recipe at 85-90 degrees. I have plenty of time to do a 3-color drop and hanger swirl. It then sets up quickly, which is perfect for supporting my piled-up top, and I can unmold next day in spite of my slow-moving recipe. I always temper my FOs before adding to the batter. This slows acceleration, and gives me a nice window to get done what I need to get done. Love the fragrance, and it is a big hit with everyone.

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good smell but beware

It smells positively wickedly good in the bottle. Once in the soap it’s a bit stronger and the cinnamon scent comes through stronger. However I will admit It may be because it accelerated so fast I couldn’t get it in the mold. Literally had it to a thin trace (should have just emulsified) then added my two colors and added scent and I couldn’t get it all mixed in before it had set up to hard. Plopping it in the mold I couldn’t even get air pockets out. Within 3 hours it was hard so I pulled it out (still very warm) and cut it up and rebatched it to save it from looking like Swiss cheese. I added some extra liquids which made it more fluid/pourable and have been told it smells good just ugly as sin. The cinnamon may not seem as strong if it hadn’t been reheated to rebatch I don’t know but I was sad to not have the hanger swirl i had planned. May try again since I got a 2 oz bottle however I’m not in any hurry!!!

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Didn’t like at first and then.............

It smelled just ok in the bottle and then when I used it in a melt and pour soap it smelled very chemical. I didn’t care for it at all.......then I used it in the shower and it smelled so nice. I am glad I used it now.

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It smells like autumn!

I absolutely love this scent. I purchase it every year.

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So much darker

I had some left of a previous bottle of this FO and made soaps a few months ago. Got a new bottle and made the exact same soaps with exact same ratio a few weeks ago - they are SO dark. I only used the FO in part of the design so it really stands out. Unfortunately I made a double batch. It's a few shades darker than shown in the CP photo on the listing.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Pumpkin Spice Fragrance Oil does discolor to a dark brown so that sounds normal. Though the discoloration can definitely be slightly darker or lighter depending on your recipe and any additives. Find out more in our "Why Did my Soap Turn Brown?" blog post.