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Excellent aroma, speeds up trace significantly

The fragrance from this is awesome. It added to the coloring of my soap, so I expect the orange I was hoping for to be a tiny bit darker, but that's fine. It does speed up trace significantly. I went from a light trace to a borderline heavy trace, almost instantly. This just results in having to work very fast when using molds, so I wish I had realized how much it would accelerate things, so I could have 2 loads ready instead. All in all, I expect great things. I am anxious to see if I have the weeping problem.

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This FO has changed and, sadly not for the better.

I had reviewed the previous version of Pumpkin Spice and gave it 5 stars. Sadly, When I bought this last bottle I ddin't notice that it had been reformulated. I, too, had issues with weeping and overheating that I did not have with the old version. I also noticed that the FO gave a much yellowier color to my soap batter than the previous. I do not like this and will not be re-ordering. I wish BB would change the names of colorants and FO's when they have been altered so these issues dont occur.

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Absolutely Wonderful

Purchased this fragrance and all I can say is my co-workers cannot wait for my soap to cure. They loved it in hand scrub as well.

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Soaps Well

Out of the bottle this fragrance smells good but has a bit of a chemical note to it that I don't particularly like. I used it in CP soap and the end result smelled great and the slight chemical smell had completely disappeared. The fragrance behaved well but did seem to speed up trace a little.

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I just bought another bottle!

I've been toying around with several FOs to get the perfect "pumpkin pie" scent in my soap - and this is *almost* it! What I've been doing is adding just the smallest splash of brambleberry's cybilla pumpkin fo into the batter with this one, and it's PERFECT. My last batch of soap I used 3.5 ounces of pumpkin spice, and about .2 ounces of the cybilla to round it out. It's amazing, and definitely a fall best seller!