Community Outreach

Since Bramble Berry was founded in 1999, two things have been certain - we want to do everything we can to support small business owners and we will never leave Bellingham, the community we love. 


A lot has changed in the past 20 years, but those two things remain the same. We make sure a portion of our proceeds go to causes we're passionate about, including small business, supporting the community, and environmental conservation.


Bramble Berry offers a number of donation & sponsorship options.

Please complete the appropriate application below for consideration.



We love partnering with organizations from the soap making community and beyond to improve the lives of those involved. 



The soap making community is full of inspiring creators. We are happy to support classes, events, and conferences.



Our team is passionate about the community here. We're committed to supporting the organizations they love. 


Recent Partnerships & Support



The UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center is working to expand research about all things honey, including the health of bees. They host events like honey tastings, mead courses, and the annual Bee Symposium, which is an all-day learning event for beekeepers. 

We've partnered with UC Davis several times over the years. We love their commitment to the health and sustainability of the environment. 



Kiva is a nonprofit that helps facilitate loans for people all over the world.  You can fund a variety of categories, including agriculture, education, livestock, and arts. 

It's a cause that means a lot to our CEO and founder Anne-Marie. One of the reasons she started Bramble Berry was to help other women open their own businesses. That's why we donated proceeds from our 20th Anniversary Collection!



Almost as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began, makers stepped up to help those in need. They donated soap, volunteered their time, and asked others to do what they could.

We were so inspired by their response. We wanted to help too, so we offered to provide supplies to a group of makers so they could continue making a difference. They gave body care supplies to schools, airport employees, mail carriers, and more!

For further information about donations and sponsorships, please contact [email protected]