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Snowflake Soap Kit

Price: $45.99
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Candy Cane Fragrance Oil - Trial Size Item#:IB003588
Varient/Quantity/Set: 1
Quantity: 1
4 Cavity Snowflake Silicone Mold - 1 Mold Item#:IB003536
Varient/Quantity/Set: 1
Quantity: 1
SFIC Clear Melt And Pour Soap Base - 1 lb Item#:IB002880
Varient/Quantity/Set: 2
Quantity: 2
Caribbean Blue Color Block - 1 Block Item#:M900049
Varient/Quantity/Set: 1
Quantity: 1
Super Pearly White Color Block - 1 Block Item#:M900051
Varient/Quantity/Set: 1
Quantity: 1
Droppers With Suction Bulb - 1 dropper
Droppers With Suction Bulb - 1 dropper Item#:IB000083
Varient/Quantity/Set: 4
Quantity: 4
99% Isopropyl Alcohol - kit size Item#:IB000005
Varient/Quantity/Set: 1
Quantity: 1
Snowflake Soap Kit - Instructions
Snowflake Soap Kit - Instructions Item#:I001191
Varient/Quantity/Set: 1
Quantity: 1

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This kit makes holiday gifting easy! It comes with soap base, a reusable mold, and printed instructions. It also ships free to the lower 48 states.

The recipe makes 8 bars of soap, which is plenty for friends and family. You can also gift the kit - it comes in its own box, so it's ready to go under the tree!

  • Skill Level: Beginner

  • Time to Complete: 30 minutes

  • Kit Yields: 8 Soaps

  • Shipping Restrictions?: Ground Only




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