Charity Water Donations

blue ecoglitter from bramble berry

We donated $1 of every Blue EcoGlitter sold to Charity Water! EcoGlitters are made with cellulose fibers, so they're biodegradable. The new blue color is part of the Celestial Collection, which includes fragrances and colors inspired by the night sky.

Glitter that isn't biodegradable is often made of plastic. It's considered a microbead, which can cause plastic particle water pollution. Microbeads are ingested by marine life like fish and mussels. Because they can't digest the microbeads, humans who consume seafood also ingest them. 

Our customers asked us to discontinue plastic glitter, so that's just what we did. We no longer carry any microbeads! We have a full range of EcoGlitters and other biodegradable products, like jojoba beads and Bursting Beads. 

jojoba beads and bursting beads | Bramble Berry

Because clean water is important to our company and our customers, we chose to give Charity Water a portion of the Blue EcoGlitter proceeds. They're a nonprofit organization that helps bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 

About 663 million people live without clean water, which means they have to spend hours looking for it every day. That keeps people from working and going to school. When those communities get access to clean water, it improves their health and helps grow the local economy. 

Charity Water partners with organizations that provide water and sanitation services. That can be hand-dug wells, rainwater catchments, water purification systems, and more. Charity Water works with the organization through, planning, implementation, and maintenance. Learn more about their approach here.

blue ecoglitter | Bramble Berry

Thank you to everyone who purchased our EcoGlitters! Share what you make with #BrambleOn and #CelestialBB.