COVID-19 Donations

Almost as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began, makers stepped up to help those in need. They donated soap, volunteered their time, and asked others to do what they could.

We were so inspired by their response. We wanted to help too, so we offered to provide supplies to a group of makers so they could continue making a difference. Thanks again to all who applied and continue to help.

Learn more about each maker and what they donated below! 

Vanessa with Sixteen Seventeen Candle Glass

These donations went to the Concord Adult Homeless Shelter in California. Vanessa donated 20 batches of soap, which is a total of 140 pounds! She said the shelter does fantastic work with limited resources. Along with the soap, she donated personal care items like toothpaste and lotion. 

covid 19 donations sixteen seventeen soap

Vanessa has been helping her community since she was a child, when a woman from her church took her to a shelter to feed homeless people. She hopes the donation of personal care items will help them stay healthy and also provide a little enjoyment and pampering.

Vanessa feels everyone has someone to offer to those in need. 

"It truly doesn't take much money or time to help, it only requires a little effort from each of us," she said." I would like to continue doing my part, however small."

Claudia with CLEO Soaps

Claudia donated 700 bars of soap to shelters and churches in Baltimore, MD, including Pleasant Hope Baptist Church! They have strong community ties and often help other organizations in the area.

claudia donating soap

Claudia believes neighborhoods thrive when people look out for each other, and she wants everyone to stay healthy. 

"While COVID-19 is impacting everyone, it is disproportionately affecting Black folks," she said. "I know far too many people who have lost loved ones in this pandemic. Making and distributing soap to my community is a powerful way to show love and concern."

She has already donated 200 bars, and plans to continue in the future. A good amount of that time is spent finding the perfect blend of oils and butters.

cleo soap donations

"Everyone deserves to bathe with dignity, and for many here this is not always an option," Claudia said. "I want the people in my community to feel the love and soul that is poured into each bar."

Christina with BloomWell Essentials

Like Baltimore, Christina said COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting low-income neighborhoods and people of color in her community. That's why she partnered with the Dolores Huerta Foundation to donate 500 soaps to essential farm workers around Bakersfield, CA.

covid donations from bloomwell essentials

The cause is personal for Christina - her grandma Rosie worked in the fields during the Great Depression. She recently passed, so Christina wanted to honor her legacy of compassion.

"These are precious lives that often have to risk infection for the sake of feeding their families," she said. "Even as business owners have struggled during COVID-19, it’s important that we use what we have to invest back into our communities."

Even if you're not able to give, you can still help! Christina recommends using your creativity and your platform to spread the word on causes you're passionate about.

christina with bloomwell essentials

"I encourage you to take a step toward generosity," she said. "You will be surprised how it not only blesses your community, but transforms you in the process."

Jessica with The Dragons Sundries

These donations went to first responders in Garden Grove, CA. She donated 200 bars to the police department, fire department, and hospital NICU department!

"I wanted to show my support and as a thank you for all the hard work they do each day," she said.

dragons sundries covid soap donations

She started making soap just a few months ago as a way to express her creativity. She now makes fun melt and pour designs and donates bars when she can.

Jessica with Earthy Good Living

Jessica gave care packages to three of her local post offices around San Marcos, CA. They included 200 bars of soap, 200 lip balms, 200 jars of sugar scrub, and 200 jars of body butter!

Because mail carriers are handling packages from all over the world, Jessica wanted to make sure they could keep their hands clean with skin-loving soap. And she gave them lip balm, body butter, and sugar scrub to help them relax after a long shift. She's been making these products for about 7 years now.

jessica's covid soap donations

Jessica chose the USPS because her husband is a mail carrier. She's seen first-hand how hard they're working, especially now that people are shopping online more. There are many days he leaves before his family gets up and doesn't return until they eat dinner.

"I know we're not the only family who is experiencing this," she said. "They work so hard and I feel often are overlooked."

Her care packages are a thoughtful way to show mail carriers they're noticed and very much appreciated.

Sue's Soaps

Sue donated a total of 600 bars! She split them between two organizations in Michigan. The first is St. Ignace Area Hope, a food pantry that helps locals and seasonal workers. The second is St. Ignace School. They're sending lunches to students at home, so Sue included soap and information about the importance of handwashing in the packages.

"A nice bar of soap always puts a smile on my face," she said. "I’m hoping it does the same for all the recipients."

sue soap donation to st ignace

Sue knows the benefits of handmade soap - she started making it to help with her daughter's sensitive skin and allergies. She has now been selling her products for 5 years at local farmers markets. It's important to her to help children and families in her town.

"When we give, we receive," she said. "Likewise, when we receive, we should give."

sue soap donations

Nerissa with TS Skin Company

These donations went to Pathways Academy of Pembroke Pines in Florida. They're a preschool for kids age 6 weeks to pre-kindergarten, and they also offer after care. Nerissa gave 60 bar soaps and 60 liquid soaps to the students and staff there!

Through TS Skin Company, she has been providing people with natural and skin-loving cold process soap since 2015. Nerissa knew the academy could always use the extra supplies, and she also knows how important it is to take care of children - especially now. 

"Giving back is helping build your community," Nerissa said. "It’s also a great way to get more familiar with your community."

nerissa soap donations

Betty with Purely Kind Handcrafted Soap

Airlines are another industry that have been hit hard by the pandemic. That's why Betty donated 240 bars of soap - 80 a month - to the Los Angeles International Airport goods pantry. It helps employees who have lost their jobs, and any leftovers go to another local organization in need.

"During this unknown time, I feel and hope even a bar of soap could bring a smile to a person who might be in distress," Betty said. "I hope it reminds everyone that they are not alone and we are all in this together."

donated bramble berry supplies

The cause is especially important to her, as she used to be a flight attendant. She now makes all-natural products and shares them with customers, friends, and family.

"It is important to me to find a way just to give a little back to this world," Betty said. "A smile a day hopefully brings a lifetime of happiness."

bettys donated soap