Our Trip to Craftcation

craftcation 2022 | bramble berry

Our team is headed to California for Craftcation 2022! It's an annual conference with small business classes and workshops, as well as social gatherings like cocktail and craft sessions.

We can't wait to meet all the other makers. If you're going, make sure to stop by our table and say hi! 

Our CEO and founder, Anne-Marie Faiola, will be participating in a panel called Balance Shmalance: The Balance Between Work and Life. In addition, we're sponsoring two workshops. The first is candle making with Daisy McClellan. She's going to show beginners how to make travel candles from start to finish, including how to create scent blends and incorporate dried flowers. The second is lip scrubs and face masks with Alana Rivera. She'll be showing participants how to tailor those products to their skin type using natural exfoliants and oils. Learn more about Craftcation workshops here.

We're also hosting our own workshop this year!

Our workshop

Bramble Berry Creative Director Amanda will be showing participants how to create natural body scrubs with essential oils. First, she'll go over the basics like how to test ingredients and how to choose the right ones for your skin type.

Then, it's time to craft! The participants will start with Epsom salt, then choose which essential oil and natural additives they want to use. That includes sea clay, orange peel powder, and avocado oil.

natural salt scrub kit | bramble berry

Featured products

Here are the supplies we're bringing to Craftcation!


  • Natural Salt Scrub Kit  - If you can't make it to Craftcation, you can still make the scrub featured in our workshop! It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. 
  • Natural Soap Kit for Beginners - Relaxing Lavender - If you're ready to make cold process soap from scratch, pick up this kit. It comes with supplies, instructions, and a how-to video.
  • Peony and Amberwood Candle Kit - These candles look beautiful anywhere in your home. Bonus, they smell even better - Peony and Amberwood Fragrance Oil has notes of rhubarb, rose, berries, and sandalwood.
  • Succulent Melt and Pour Soap Kit - You won't believe how easy it is to make this adorable succulent soap. The kit comes with the supplies you need to make 10 bars. 

succulent soap kit | bramble berry


  • Fragrance oils - Our skin safe and pthalate-free fragrance oils can be used in DIY soap, lotion, bath bombs, and more. We have more than 200 options to choose from! For Craftcation, we're bringing some of our most popular oils, including Espresso, Pure Honey, After the Rain, and Lush Succulent.
  • Essential oils - These are 100% pure and natural, and a few come from local sources here in the Pacific Northwest. We're bringing a few staples to Craftcation, including lavender 40/42, tea tree, and orange 10X.

Botanicals and books

  • Pure Soapmaking: How to Create Nourishing, Natural Skin Care Soaps - This book is by our CEO and founder, Anne-Marie. Learn how to create 32 different cold process soap recipes using all natural colorants, infusions, additives, and essential oils. This book is packed full of information and recipes for everyone from the beginner to the advanced soap maker.
  • Botanicals - These all-natural options are great for handmade soap and skincare. They can be used to exfoliate, infuse, or decorate your projects. We're bringing a few to Craftcation, including rose petals, jasmine flowers, and poppy seeds.

botanicals | bramble berry


DIY Crafting Kits