Maker of the Month: The Nesting Doll Shop

Introducing our Maker of the Month series! We're constantly inspired by the DIY bath and body community, so we want to showcase their talent here. We'll be featuring a different business owner or hobbyist each month. Learn more about how they got started creating, what inspires their work, and their advice for fellow makers. If you want a chance to be featured, share your photos with #BrambleOn!

Svetlana with The Nesting Doll Shop started making products as a way to express her creativity and to control the ingredients she puts on her skin. She creates soap, candles, lip balm, and more. What sets Svetlana's work apart is her creative use of color and dessert-inspired designs. Her customers also love the little details, like fun packaging and thank you cards in every order. Get to know her below!

mm nesting doll shop svetlana

How long have you been making bath and body products, and how did you get started? How long have you been selling your products?
I first started making soap in the summer of 2017 when I was pregnant with my second child. One day I told my partner that I wanted to make soap, he said that I should. Even though it was just a thought, I went for it. I picked up my first tray of melt and pour base at Michael's and started creating. Shortly after, with the help of my sister, we discovered Bramble Berry. In the fall of 2017, my sister and I opened our first Etsy shop.

What do you love most about making bath and body products?
What I love most about making bath and body products is the chance to express my creativity. I also enjoy knowing exactly what's in my products.

mm nesting doll shop princess soap

Princess Soap

What are some of your favorite color combinations to work with?
My most favorite color combo is teal and gold. Teal is my favorite color, and it goes wonderfully with gold.

What inspires you to create?
I have a wall of mica jars and every time I see it, I come up with a design idea and get to it.

mm nesting doll whipped soap

Whipped soaps

Who’s another maker you admire? What do you love about their work?
Sorcery Soap on Instagram. Her work truly inspires me to be better. She makes the cutest hand-molded soap tops ever! I made my first batch of soap dough last month. It was awesome!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making soap?
Just start. If you don't start, you won't learn. I love experimenting and I feel that the more I make, the more I learn and the better I get. There are so many resources out there, I scoured the Bramble Berry website up and down for tips and ideas.

mm nesting doll shop conversation heart soap

Conversation Hearts Soap

Have you experienced a fail? How did you work through it, and what did you learn?
I have experienced a few fails. Most of them included forgetting to add fragrance oil. Ok, I've forgotten to add fragrance oil 3 times. All of those times was when I was trying to squeeze in a soap making session in the evening. I have learned that if I'm rushing around, something will go wrong. So now I try to soap in the morning, when we are all happy and there are no tantrums to be thrown.

What plans do you have for your business moving forward?
My goals for my business include narrowing down my product line and making my workspace clutter free. And I would also not mind working on lining up some wholesale accounts.

mm nesting doll product collection

Soap, whipped soap, and candles

What's the first Bramble Berry project you tried?
I got the Exfoliating Handmade Soap Kit, except I used spirulina powder instead of cranberry seeds. I had so much fun making the soap and that's when my cold process making obsession began. That kit was perfect for beginners, it literally had everything one would need to start. I still have most of the tools it came with and constantly use them. :)

Svetlana's top Bramble Berry picks

mm nesting doll coconut lime soap

Coconut Lime Soap

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