Maker of the Month: Pretty Honest Candles

Andrea of Pretty Honest Candles has always been a candle lover. In 2017 she turned her candle making hobby into a business. Andrea's line includes soy candles, room diffusers, and candle accessories. Pretty Honest Candles has been featured in Buzzfeed, Apartment Therapy, and more. Learn more about Andrea and her growing business!

Maker of the Month: Pretty Honest Candles | Bramble Berry

How long have you been making candles and what led to Pretty Honest Candles?
I've always been a candle lover. Just like everyone else, I could (still can) spend hours in the candle aisle, just sniffing away! I decided to try my hand at making them in 2017, just as a hobby. I never imagined it would evolve into this!

I started selling at farmers markets and pop up events! I started making candles in my kitchen, then took over a room, and then the house before my husband requested I get a warehouse. So, I moved into a 1200sqft warehouse and a year later into a 2500sqft one. And I’ve been there for 3 years. I’m proud that I found a way to keep my business running when I was pregnant and postpartum. I’ve had to pivot a lot on this journey and I’m sure I’ll have to pivot again, but it’s been a joy and a privilege. So, I’m happy to keep going! 

Maker of the Month: Pretty Honest Candles | Bramble Berry

What sets Pretty Honest candles apart - what makes them unique?
The thing that sets Pretty Honest Candles apart from other brands is me! All makers bring their own personal taste and creativity to their craft. That's what makes it so special and gives everyone an opportunity to thrive in this space. So my custom fragrance blends and packaging make my brand unique! 

How do you find inspiration?
Everywhere, sounds cliche I know! I find it from my travels, my everyday life, I find elements I like and then figure out how I can convey that feeling through scents and design! 

Maker of the Month: Pretty Honest Candles | Bramble Berry

What is your favorite part of the creative process?
Custom mixing scents! The scents are already gorgeous from the bottle, but there is something so fulfilling about mixing them to discover something completely new and unique. 

Maker of the Month: Pretty Honest Candles | Bramble Berry

You have a background in marketing - how have you used those skills as a small business owner?
My marketing background really helped me build my social media presence! Also, it taught me to listen to my audience and find out what they value about my brand. 

What advice would you give to makers looking to start their own business from home?
Go for it! Many people claim the market is oversaturated (which it is), but everyone brings their own unique take and vision on things.

Maker of the Month: Pretty Honest Candles | Bramble Berry

How do you balance candle making with content creation, managing your social media pages, and website? 
I don't (haha). My background is in social media, so I know that content creation, strategy, and community management is a job all on its own. I stopped trying to chase the algorithm and just post what makes me happy. My target audience and the people who have been following me for years don't care if what I'm posting is trendy. 

What other makers do you admire, and what do you like about their work?
I admire O'Soy Candles, HOAM Candles, and most other candle makers. I admire their personal style and making candles that are true to them. Not just trying to copy what everyone else is doing. 

Maker of the Month: Pretty Honest Candles | Bramble Berry

What are your dreams for Pretty Honest Shop? Where would you like to see your business in 5 or 10 years?
Right now, I don't actually have a 5 or 10 year plan. Since having my daughter, I needed to re-evaluate what I wanted. So, right now I'm just enjoying what it is and not putting too much pressure on what it could be. 

What are some of your must-have Bramble Berry products?
I love the Super Pearly White Mica! I use it in the conversation hearts on the Valentine's day candles. The shimmer is so gorgeous! 


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