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Michelle B
I loved making body mousse with this product

I purchased this project to make whipped body butter/mousse with it. I really love how it turned out. I tried a different recipe whipping shea butter and I really didn't care for it. Avocado butter gets all nice and fluffy. Very fun texture. I ran right back to BB to order some more.

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a little short

This was a great butter that produced a great product the only reason it didn't get 5 stars is it was a little short on weight. I ended up with just about 15.5 ounces after scraping all I could get out of the bag. maybe they weighed the bag and all to get the 16 ounces. it is a nice product though. and my hands got softened trying to squeeze it all off the bag and into my product.

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Lovely except for packaging

I wanted to try something different and purchased a pound of the avaocado butter. I finally decided what to do with it and made a lovely body butter as one of my new products. It was rather challenging to get a full pound out of the plastic bag. (I turned it inside out and scraped it with a soft spatula and could only get out 15.85 ounces. Typically, Brambleberry is fine on their weights but this was disappointing. However, I am happy with my end product.

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I really love this butter! I don't buy it often, as it is more expensive than Cocoa or Shea, but it feels so wonderful. FYI: I have never gotten this where it looked green in color - it's always been a light, buttery yellow. And thank you so much for double bagging the 10 lb's very hot this summer, and that helped prevent any leakage. I have used it in soaps and whipped body butter - and highly recommend it.

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wonderful butter

I haven't had the chance to try this in my products yet but I did try it on my skin to see how it feels and I LOVE it!