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was my bottle mislabeled?

My bottle should be called Aunt Martha's Olde Time Flower Garden. When I see herb and lavender I expect crisp. This is sickeningly sweet. If you like heavy syrupy florals, this will fit the bill. Upside, it did behave in my soap and lotion.

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It smells clean and fresh. I am particularly thrilled that I can smell the rosemary, yet it isn't too strong. I can say the same about the basil. I love the smell of basil and I'm glad that I can smell it in this fragrance oil. I plan to keep this one in supply for myself. I cannot wait to explore the many ways that I can use it! It really does smell like a fresh herb garden.

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Delightful & Well Behaved, but Fades a Bit in CP Soap

Perky, warm and green, Sunny Herb Garden transports you into the buoyant, big-sky feeling of digging in your herb garden. It stops short of plunging headfirst into your nose with that sharp, cool, camphorous buzz characteristic of rosemary, thyme, and sage. This well-behaved fragrance oil hints at the sweet floral notes of Bulgarian Lavender and Sweet Basil. It does not accelerate trace or discolor, but looses some of the nice peppery spice it has out of the bottle. Sunny Herb Garden is lovely in cold process soap, but after six months, it isn't as strong as I would like at a usage rate of one ounce per pound of oil. Good for customers who dislike strong scents.

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Fun to play with

Sunny herb garden is definitely herbal and earthy, just like fresh crushed herbs! It is well suited to be blended. I used this in a gardener's hand soap blended with Moroccan Mint, Lavender EO, and Zucchini Flower. I added powdered olive leaf and crushed oregano leaves as well as a green oxide. It turned out beautifully. I had originally meant to add pumice and pumpkin seed to exfoliants but got so excited in the blending process I forgot! It is a masterpiece! Next time I may add Rosemary EO and maybe even Juniper, Fir Needle, Ginger and White Tea, or Meyer Lemon for a twist. The possibilities go on!

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Sunny Herb Garden

I made a batch of soap yesterday with this lovely little bottle that they sent me in my shipment. I added just a pinch of Patchouli to it and OMG!!! Amazing! I wish I would of added 2 TBL instead of one, but next time for sure! I will make this over and over again, as I love stronger scents. It's a walk through the garden with lovely garden scents. Thanks Bramble Berry, I will be ordering a full bottle of this little treasure!