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stood the test of time

Frequently requested. Smells like mens cologne. I prefer Honey Leather but hands down Flannel is the one that is requested. Lately I have been adding vanilla and cedarwood to it, and I think it mellows the scent. sticks well in cold process

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very nice

I only didn’t give this five stars because it is a little overpowering for me. I have had a lot of good comments on it though. I think it will be a popular scent. I may decrease the amount of scent I add next time. Over all though, a nice scent. Has a bit more of a masculine touch. I think it will be a nice fall scent. Behaves great in CP.

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Very strong

I liked this OOB when I first got it, it's a very unique scent, but over time I ended up hating it. It's very strong and was not a good seller for me at all in soap. I wouldn't recommend it.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for other warm and cozy fragrance oils you may prefer Cedar and Amber Fragrance Oil, Rustic Woods and Rum Fragrance Oil or Honey and Leather Fragrance Oil.

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I made candles with this scent, and while I was melting and pouring them I thought the smell was horrible. I actually added some orange 10x, cinnamon sticks, and butter mints oil to try to give the scent more tones than just "bad cologne". But now that the candles have set, the smell coming off the wax is pleasant. I'm hoping the scent has mellowed and grown some now that the candles are done, since the other reviewers said that the scent gained complexity over the course of processing.

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If you're on the fence, just get it.

I was looking for scents for my holiday/winter collection and wanted to give this one a shot. Clean & linen type scents often sell well for me, so I thought this one might be similar. When I first opened the bottle, I wasn't super excited. All I smelled at first was a really strong aldehyde note, followed by the citrus. It just seemed too fresh at first. I thought that I would make a test batch just to see, since so many others here mentioned it was better in soap.. and wow, I am SO glad I did. Just mixing it with the soap batter really brought out a gorgeous, complex scent, and three weeks into cure the soap is AMAZING. It is a warm, clean, scent that still has a hint of cool air and even a bit of woodsmoke. I have sold so many bars of this just on the name of the scent alone that I've had to rush re-order twice now just to keep up. And you know what? I'd gladly keep all the soap to myself! Grab a pound, you won't be sorry, and remember, don't judge an FO right out of the bottle.