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Smells Wonderful!

A sweet, clean scent that makes you go "mmmm" when it's used in cold process bars.

I like it

This is a nice smelling oil OOB. I got it in the m&p gardeners soap kit, so I don't know how it smells alone, but it is great layered with the grass stain and zucchini flower scents.

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Cathie H

I love this FO & so does everyone who's tried the soap with it! Perfect in M&P, behaves just great in CP. Love, love, love it!

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More time = more green

I want to encourage others who might have Sweetgrass on hand but haven't given it a try. I ordered this on sale and let it languish in the cupboard for months. Out of the bottle, I thought it was a bit perfumey and left a sharp scent in my nose. However, I soaped it about 5 weeks ago. After this much time, the scent has become much softer and much more grass-like. Now I want to try it instead of Grass Stain in a few blends. I am not a fan of this in lotion, 'though I realize that my experience is subjective. I want to experiment with lower concentrations.

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warm grass

This smells just like warm dried grass, I absolutely love it...brings me back to summer evenings as a child. I use it in many of my blends to bring a sense of place to it.