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4" Silicone Loaf Mold: The flexibility of silicone makes unmolding a small loaf quick and easy.  The inside of this mold has a high gloss finish giving your soap that smooth, professional finish. The sides are re-inforced to prevent bowing, but we have found that they sometimes curve ever so slightly. We think it's virtually impossible to see the curve of the loaf - especially once you've cut your soap into bars.

Tip: If making Cold Process soap in this (or any) silicone mold we recommend adding Sodium Lactate to your recipe. This will help to harden up your soap so that there won't be any dents or finger marks from unmolding the soap.

The mold holds 20 ounces when completely filled to the top but we reccomend keeping your recipes to 16 ounces and under for ease-of-use.

Mold Dimensions: 2 5/8" (Height) X 3 1/2" (Width) X 4" (Length)

Cavities: 1

Capacity: 20 oz

Mold Material: Silicone 


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by Hope
on 5/17/2015
Highly recommend
This mild is just right size-wise for my melt and pour projects. Very easy to use. The bottom sticks a little but there's no damage to the block or mold with a little poking with my thumbs. I used the BB crinkle cutter and got 3 lovely chunky bars plus those ends I love to crumble up and use in my laundry. I'll be getting a couple more of these molds pretty soon.
by Stephanie M
on 3/15/2015
Nice mold
I ordered this mold because I wanted one that would make a smaller batch. Since I don't sell my soaps I end up having a lot of extra soaps when I use my usual 4 pound mold. This mold is the perfect size for me. It makes nice soaps but I usualy have to leave them in the mold longer than with my larger mold. If I take them out 24-48 hours after making them they are often too soft even with sodium lactate. But after letting them rest for several days they come out easily and only sometimes leave the corners behind.
on 2/21/2015
WONDERFUL 4" Loaf Mold!
I got this just yesterday and have already tested 6 new product batches with it! It's neat because of the shape in how I can now practice cut my tests; I'm able to easily figure out which 'direction' I want my soap to present. The silicone is nice and sturdy. You only need to pull the sides gently to break the vacuum. The bottom takes a bit more to release, but it's no big deal! Also, don't worry that you won't be able to see what's happening if you're doing embeds (as I did). While you can't see as well as a clear hard plastic mold, you can certainly get a very good idea of what your embed is doing! If you're on the fence about buying this, I highly recommend it!
on 2/8/2015
4inch silicone loaf mold
I just used this mold for the first time. It's PERFECT for someone like me that has a huge stock and variety of essential oils and fragrances. In did an Apricot Freesia with aloe vera swirled soap. It's the perfect little mold for small batches for color and fragrance experimentation. I really don't know what I ever did without this little one.mitnwill make my life easier. Plus BB is always generous with fragrance samples in each order so this is a great match.
by Marla
on 10/16/2014
Like this mold for solid color soaps
I would love this mold if it were slightly longer. I have a soap cutter that cuts perfect 1" bars. Because this mold is precisely 4", it will give me precisely 4 - 1" bars. There is no room to cut the ends off on each side, exposing a beautiful swirl. So, I only use this mold for solid color soaps. I had wanted to buy the 10" silicone mold but decided not to for this same reason. I really like to swirl and play with lots of colors in my soaps. It's a bummer, because the wooden loaf molds my husband made for me hold 4.5 lbs. of soap. If I want a small amount of soap to use up some FO, this little mold would be great. No swirling allowed, though. Also, you definitely have to add sodium lactate to make the silicone mold work well. That is an added cost, which could make a difference if keeping costs down is a concern. I love not having to cut freezer paper and folding to fit my wooden loaf mold, though. Pros and cons to both.
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