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This is my favorite fragrance oil, by far. I mix with nutmeg, black pepper, and cedarwood essential oil and can't keep this soap in stock.


I absolutely love this fragrance! It smells so good and mixes with just about anything. I mixed this scent with the Heavenly Honeysuckle fragrance for a friend of mine. It was amazing. Definitely will be buying the bigger bottle next time.

Love this fragrance!

I used this fragrance while making the Amber Whipped Bronzing Body Butter recipe on your site. I mixed it with the Ancient Sedona FO as per the directions and I liked the combination very much. Today, I decided to clean the glassware using Ann Marie's trick (melt & pour soap) and I mixed in a new FO combination of Amber FO, Ancient Sedona FO and Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil and WOW - it smells fantastic! Love, Love, Love this FO! Thanks Brambleberry!

Love the scent to pieces.

The only thing I can say about this scent is that it moves quickly. It will come back to a workable state with a stir. It does darken in CP. Don't expect to make any fancy swirls with this FO. I will continue to use Amber because of the scent, Love it. I gave this fo a # 4 rating because I love the scent.

FAV scent

I was a little apprehensive about ordering this amber. but I know that I need to broaden my scent collection. I used this in my very 1st cold process batch, but blended it with Energy FO and I love love how they compliment each other. I didn't use any colorant as I wanted to see how it would turn, and it is a lovely tan color. Buying a larger bottle with my next order!!