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  • Amethyst Purple Mica

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Amethyst Purple Mica:This is a deep and rich purple that pairs perfectly with a lavender fragrance in soaps or lotions. Due to the Ferric Ferrocyanide in this mica, it is not recommended to use in lip products or CP soap. Don’t get discouraged, it makes a lovely mineral make up eye shadow!

This product is skin and eye safe, but not for use in lip products.

Note: May fade in soap when exposed to light.
To use this mica in Melt and Pour Soap: Wet the mica with rubbing alcohol until a liquid slurry is made. This usually is about a 1:1 mix of mica and rubbing alcohol. Add the desired amount of the slurry to the melted soap and stir to combine.

Botanical Name:  Ferric Ferrocyanide (CI 77510), Carmine (CI 75470), Stannous Oxide 
Common Name:   Prussian Blue, Carmine, Tin Oxide


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by Kristin
on 6/8/2015
I too used this in CP soap. I ordered the mica metallic sampler pack. I think that is what's it is called...? Can I not use ANY of these micas in CP soap?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kristin! We don't recommend using many micas in cold process soap as some tend to morph. Also because the cold process soap is opaque the shimmer would not come through. Though many of our micas work great for CP, including Merlot Sparkle Mica, Blue Mica - Cellini Lip Safe and Cappuccino Mica. A good rule of thumb is mica that use oxides to get their color work best in cold process. You can also just check the mica description, we will always leave a note if it won't work in CP, as we did with our Amethyst Purple Mica. You can still use other micas that morph in cold process batter to decorate your CP soap! You can dust the tops of the cold process soap with mica to create a pretty shimmer, stamp your soap with mica or do a fun pencil line. See some of these techniques in Luck of the Irish Hot Process Tutorial, How to Stamp Soap on Soap Queen TV and Striped Berry Champagne Cold Process tutorial. I will email you personally to talk more about these options!

by Janice
on 11/3/2014
Ferric Ferrocyanide Concerns
I tried this as a colorant for a HP batch but didn't see a change in pigment. So, sprinkled it between layers and swirled. After mixing in lavender fragrance and petals it turned out pretty but the base color is still pale. However, I just reread the description and am concerned. Can this product containing Ferric Ferrocyanide be used safely in HP soap making?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Janice! This color is great for melt and pour and lotions and is skin safe. However, FDA regulations do not allow it in lip products. It's not recommended in cold process and hot process soap because it can morph or fade. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!

Verified Purchase
by Ceme
on 4/8/2014
Absolutely stunning in M&P soaps
I used with the honey soap base in the Iris mold. The color is absolutely stunning! I scented with lavender and spearmint. I can't stop looking at this soap and it smells divine. The color is so vibrant.
Verified Purchase
by Jacquie
on 3/21/2014
Definitely NOT for cp soap!
I wish I had read the description better before I wasted the colorant and oils to make a big fail of a log of soap! My fault, but I still have plenty left to add to the rebatch I'm about to do on my failed cp lavender soap...:-( Question: would this be safe to put in fuzzy bath bombs? I don't make eye shadow and hate to see such a lovely color wasting on the shelf...? Thanks!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jacquie! If you’d like, you could certainly use this mica in a bath bomb! I would recommend using the bare minimum, so that you don't end up with colored water or a stained tub! I would recommend starting with 1/2 tsp. of mica, and working up from there :)

Verified Purchase
by Jenner
on 3/16/2014
Love the color, but don't use in CP!
I feel your pain! I too used it in a batch of CP soap without realizing it would morph. Can I still use the soap? What will happen? It's in the mold now, so I'm just curious what the next step would be?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Alex! Your soap is perfectly safe to use, but because of the Ferric Ferrocyanide in this mica, it turns grey in cold process soap. If you'd like you could rebatch your soap, which involves melting down your soap, adding additional liquid and colorants to color correct. You may find this Soap Queen TV video on how to make rebatch soap helpful!

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