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  • Basmati Rice

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Basmati Rice: This subtle yet unique and delightful fragrance is based on the wonderfully aromatic smell of cooked Basmati Rice. The term 'Basmati' actually comes from the Hindi word "basmat" which means "fragrant." Our rendition is a captivating mix of fruity florals and cedarwood. Delectable top notes of peach, strawberry and lemon, followed by beguiling rose, lily of the valley, and cedarwood at the heart. Wrapping up this luscious blend is a powder, spice and creamy vanilla base. This fragrance is very subtle in lye-based soaps but does last in a more light rendition than the bottle. Basmati Rice does discolor a dark brown in all types of soaps.

This fragrance was reformulated to meet new IFRA guidelines in August 2012

Vanilla Content: 4%

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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by Jaclyn
on 8/22/2014
I love the smell of rice type fragrances. It conjures vision of my childhood, growing up with an Asian mom we ate tons of rice. However, this fragrance I want to love but I like it as of now. I am hoping with the cure process it will become more "rice like" and I will love it. OOB I did not like it at all, but as it curing its becoming more vanilla like and smelling more like rice. I made a yogurt soap using a PVC mold, alternating soap batter colors to make a bulls eye swirl. It gave me TONS of time and soaped beautifully. I can say that most will like this fragrance and probably love, but because the smell of rice holds deep meaning and conjures memories of scent, I can't say it totally smells like rice.
by Christine
on 5/24/2014
I love this fragrance. I made a solid sugar scrub and blended it with a little citrus (because I have to blend everything!) and it is gorgeous. Sweet, but not flowery or sugary. Not sure how else to describe it. It does definitely go brown (light brown in my scrub) because of the vanilla, but I like to let things be what color they are going to be so that didn't bother me at all. Definitely worth a try if you are looking for something a bit more complex. I will absolutely be re-ordering.
by Liz
on 12/30/2013
Wonderful bath powder and MP soap
Just love its unique warm and sweet scent. Excellent in MP soap and bath powders!
by Holly
on 11/25/2013
Sweet, Creamy, Smooth
JUST like rice pudding, this is delicious and blends gorgeously. Keep it forever.
by Sandy
on 11/8/2013
delicate and sweet
This fragrance has a very light sweet aroma with a touch of creamy vanilla. I use it to make lotion bars and my customers love it. It's a good thing I ordered a large bottle :)
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