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Beau Brummel: We asked our perfumer to create a scent that reminded us of the Gentlemen's clubs of the 18th century. Tobacco and black tea are the dominate notes with hints of fruit and  spice. This fragrance is heady, masculine and evokes images of the classic well dressed gentleman, Beau Brummel.

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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on 5/7/2014
Beau Brummell
I just soaped with this fragrance using BB rectangular silicone mold and the vertical mold. Soaps were done in creamy white with dark grey colorants. Although the vertical mold requires 3 days in the mold the silicone does not. I did a twist in the vertical and I can't wait to see it! The fragrance is amazing, subtle, sensuous and can be a unisex scent. I love it and I did my best 7 oil soap recipe because it's a family favorite. I had plenty of working time with this frag. It did not accelerate. It blooms as it sits curing. I will lightly brush the vertical mold soaps with a light Super Pearly White Mica. Gorgeous. thank you BB. I rec this scent in my BB Soap swap box and fell in love with it as did my customers that got a smell of it.
by Belinda
on 3/17/2014
Smoky and sweet!
I soaped with this a week ago and used several batches with different masculine fragrances. This is my personal favorite...sweet, smoky, and just hands down sexy! No discoloration, a slight acceleration of trace, and the fragrance keeps blossoming nicer and nicer. So glad I picked this one up!
by Virginia
on 12/21/2013
A surprisingly great scent!
I will admit, OOB this smelled awful to me. I let my husband sniff it and his response was "It smells like dirty socks.". Not the reaction I was going for. (:-{ It sat on my shelf for over six months before I decided to try it. I wish I would have had more faith. This is a wonderful scent to work with, does not discolor and only accelerates trace slightly. I now have ten bars of gorgeous smelling soap that I can't stop sniffing. It smells like cherry tobacco pipe smoke: Sweet, smoky, and unique. I now have a new favorite, this scent was truly a pleasant surprise. Try it, it will not disappoint.
by Gina
on 12/18/2013
Great in CP - smell gets better!
I was very scared when I smelled this right out of the bottle - definitely too much baby powder. But I thought that cp definitely killed the baby powder smell (thankfully), and now the tobacco really comes through. So hard to describe, but I think BB's description is good - sweet and spicy tobacco. Like Rhett Butler would smell. Anyway, I wouldn't like it in lotion, but I do like it in cp and am pleasantly surprised. Did accelerate a little, but not unmanageable.
by Timmi
on 11/5/2013
Not what I was expecting
I was so excited to get this fragrance oil since I love both tobacco and black tea scents but, this scent didn't have either. It smelled like nothing but baby powder with a light floral note. I thought it was just me so I took it around to over 10 people and everyone said baby powder before I ever mentioned it. I used it in cp soap hoping it would morph but sadly no. It did preform well though. It accelerated but nothing too terrible and I haven't seen any discoloration thus far. I'm considering buying this fo again in the off chance that I may have received a mislabeled bottle of Baby Powder fo by mistake. Because I really want the scent described as it sounds divine.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Timmi! If you are looking for a fragrance with those tea and tobacco scents, we would also suggest trying out our brand new Tobacco & Bay Leaf Fragrance Oil. If you are finding that the Beau Brummel isn't your favorite by itself, we would also suggest blending it with either the Kentish Rain or Cedar and Saffron Fragrance Oils.

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