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Not Manly Man

I bought this because I'm always looking for more manly and/or unisex scents. I originally used this with a burgundy oxide, thinking of going for a red velvet in the library kind of vibe. Under colored it and ended up with mauve, so couldn't give it a manly name. Ended up calling it "good book and a cup of tea" because of the tea and spice notes in it. Turned out to be a great seller in the fall. I would not describe this as manly at all, and I swear I get a bit of apple cider mixed in there, but it is a great fall scent, and I'l be bringing it back this year.

Blooms in CP soap

At first sniff, I was so intrigued by this fragrance. There's honey, tea, tobacco, and (a tiny bit of) leather notes wrapped in a whole lot of sweetness with just a touch of spice. It truly blooms in CP soap and becomes even better than out of the bottle! I used twice the amount on the fragrance calculator and was perfectly pleased with the strength and longevity of the scent. This is not a manly-man type of fragrance - you will not think of lumberjacks, construction workers, or bonfire-builders when you smell this fragrance. Very much like the original Beau Brummell, this fragrance will remind you of a dandy British gentleman who is very into fashion, particular about when he takes his tea - someone who has never truly had a hard day's work in his life. I think the fragrance could be considered unisex or even spa-like with the heavy honey and tea notes. It's rich, sweet, and clean and I can't get enough of it!

Nice fragrance

I like the smell, but the fragrance calculator led me to use about half of what I would normally use for a FO, and I wish I would have used more. It's a bit faint for my taste at the level I used, but some people don't like overly scented soap, so it might work out.

Highly recommend

Exactly what it says on the tin. Gorgeous scent, very old-world one might say 18th century dandy-masculine. I work at the 2% end of the scale for fragrances in CP soap due to EU regs, but even so, the fragrance holds beautifully and boldly! I love that it is easy to work with during mixing, doesn't discolour nor accelerate trace. Doesn't advance trace either when taking time to work mixing colours and doing artwork etc. Brilliant mix - thanks for the product.

Rhett Butler

This smells exactly what I feel like Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind would smell like - so super masculine and warm, with a little bit of bad boy mixed in! I added this to an aftershave balm for my husband and he can't get over how awesome it smells!