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this was my first time making soap, after 2 years researching online and via YouTube, and this kit was BEYOND perfect. the lather of the finished soap is amazing. the fragrance oil is to die for. over all a 10 out of 10 in my book. the soap took 8 weeks to dry for me but i live in a more humid environment. it was by far the longest 8 weeks lol. i would and have suggested this to many many other friends of mine.


I wasn't sure where to pose this question, but here goes. Could you rebatch a cold process mix that has cured for ONLY one day? Example: you complete a CP mix, wait a day, then realize it is in the wrong mold. Could you then rebatch? Thanks!

Could I use the 18 bar mold with this kit?

I've been wanting to order this kit to make my first batch of CP soap, but I don't really want to use the cardboard mold. I just wanted to know if I used everything that comes in the kit with the 18 bar mold if it would fill up the mold?


I was 13 at the time that I did this and it turned out great! I recommend this product to anybody who wants to do cold process soap!


Great kit, however after following the directions from the included 2 pound mold very first batch seized up as soon as I added the included F.O. I guess I misunderstood. I quot from the recipe "Melt your oils so they are around 120 to 140 degrees. If your lye water is cooled below 140 degrees, add your lye water to your oils. I added my lye water when both the lye water and oils temp was around 130 degrees. I did a bit of further research and found that soaping at cooler temps helps(85-110). Live and learn. I managed to get the soap in the mold and can hardly wait to start the next batch! Overall great product and can highly recommend!