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Great Red Color for CP!'s all in how you use it. I have used this many times now and learned how NOT to use too much. Read BB's instructions and cautions. It reminds us to cut back on the amount. They say to pre-mix a teaspoon into a tablespoon of oil. Then add a bit at a time to your soap until you like the result. I learned to follow that advice myself and have no problems. It is a good thing that a little goes a long way. That means more color....less money spent! I am buying the 16oz size while it is on sale. I don't want to run out.

Nik Fauzi

Looks great in photo here but turn out too dark in lipstick.

Definitely did not come out the way I have hoped.

The color is truly beautiful and the only reason I rated this a 3...I'd imagine that this would produce a beautiful shade in lip balms. However I tried it in bath bombs and it was THE worst idea. The way it stained my hands alone.. Id be seriously worried about grout and staining tubs. :/ Id possibly use this for CP but pretty nervous about it. Bummer.

lovely earthy red

I really love this red color. It's really earthy and rich and looks great with a nice dark green. As other reviewers have stated a little goes a LONG way. I would definitely cut your typical colorant amount to around half when using this. I usually use around 2 grams of other pigments per 2lbs of clear m&p and with this I can use around 1 gram or even slightly less in 2lbs and it is super vibrant at that ratio.

Beautiful shade in lipstick.

Easy to use mixed well in carrier oil and blended beautifully with soy wax & coral copper mica for lips. Just the right shade of true red with a slight sheen of coral.