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Castile Liquid Soap Paste: This liquid soap paste is made up of 100% Olive Oil, which makes it an ideal hand and facial soap. Two pounds of soap paste can make up to seven or eight pounds depending on your dilution rate. 

Directions for Diluting: To dilute your soap paste, we recommend using a large pot so your pot will be half full when you're done. When the water is boiling, add the paste and stir thoroughly. Keep in mind that this can take up to eight hours depending on how much paste you're diluting at one time. When the soap paste is fully dissolved it's ready to use. Let the liquid soap cool and add your fragrance or colorant (or both). Recommended dilution rate 4:1.Thickening Directions: Make a 20% salt water solution by adding regular Table Salt to warm water. Then slowly add the solution until you have your desired thickness. The soap will slowly thicken over an hour. You can also thicken the soap by using Borax at .1% usage rate or Crothix at a 1-8% usage rate.

Common Name:  Aqua/Water/Eau, Olive Oil, Potassium Hydroxide
Botanical Name:  Aqua/Water/Eau, Olea Europaea Oil, Potassium Hydroxide

Want to learn how to make your own liquid soap paste? Watch step by step instructions with the Liquid Soapmaking Video or save paper and buy the Liquid Soapmaking E-Book

Do you already make liquid soap from scratch? Use the soap paste to speed up the cooking process. Learn more with the Soapmaking Guru Kit.

Pictured above is the two pound size. The 10 pound size comes in a bucket.



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Verified Purchase
by Carole
on 7/2/2015
Love Love Love
Great soap. Great price. I am so glad I ordered this!! I love this soap and it was so easy to make. I am very pleased. Thank you!!!
Verified Purchase
by Mary
on 11/15/2014
Perfect for rookies like me!
I bought this because the idea of making soap intimidates me. I agree with the 1st review that the instructions are lacking but when I called CS they were MORE than amazing and helped me through the process. Here is my best suggestion as it worked perfectly for me: Crock Pot on LOW - I turned it on beforehand to heat up. Added the paste, then added warm distilled water to the paste. I let it cook on LOW for 7 hours and it was completely dissolved. I only stirred it a few times in between, maybe every 2 hours at most. My ratio was 3:1 and I felt it was just thick enough, you have to keep in mind that it does thicken up as it cools so if it looks a little watery at first, it's ok.
by Becca
on 7/19/2013
Great product, instructions lacking
The product itself is an excellent base, (good lather, pleasing appearance and fragrance) but the instructions for use on the product page are a bit lacking. I would love to see a more detailed tutorial or instruction sheet included with the product that has information like I received from Kari in my support chat today (proper temperature, troubleshooting tips, etc.). I will definitely use the product again now that I have the information I need to work with it correctly.
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