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As other reviews have stated, this is a concentrated, strong smelling soap. If you love chamomile scents, this one will blow you over in a great way. My soap scents are still going strong after a couple of months. Love it.

Soft and continuing scent

I used this with melt and pour goat milk base, and had wonderful results! Blended very well, kept the scent all the way through to the end, needed a little more than said. My customers love it and selling like nuts!! Love this!!

Super Concentrated! Clean, Fresh, Delicious

FYI - this scent is concentrated! I normally use 0.75-1.0% fragrance in my lotions, but this chamomile is so concentrated, I only need to use 0.25%. In dilution, the fragrance is delicate and complex. If you add too much, the scent can blur together into a single sharp, unripe green apple-ish scent.

Floral Heaven

Light floral, not overpowering....a just right scent that blends well! Looking forward to soaping this one!

Wonderful, soothing scent

I was concerned when I ordered this FO that it would be very light and fade quickly. I was very surprised at how well it sticks in cp. This is a very soothing scent. Performed great with no acceleration. I even added chamomile petals to the top layer in my soap. Very good FO. I will buy this again.