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Coffee Butter - Luscious and rich - this coffee butter will wake you up with just one whiff! Blend with cocoa butter and you have the perfect mocha lip balm or body butter! This butter is a blend of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and Coffee Seed Oil and contains between .5%-1% natural caffeine.

Botanical Name:  Coffee Arabica Seed Oil (and) Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
Common Name:   Coffee Butter 


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Verified Purchase
by Lia
on 6/14/2015
Great mixed with another fragrance
If you have really dry skin this is an excellent body butter but the fragrance is a little intense so if you add another scent like my favorite coconut or even vanilla or hazelnut, you will have a great gift to give away. This butter is a little too expensive to use for selling unless you have a good following willing to pay a good price for it. I also added some shimmer mica to mine and the result is a nice coconut coffee with peach shimmer for after sun or tanning. This is well worth a try and a must for coffee lovers :-)
Verified Purchase
by Pamela
on 3/1/2015
Love the stuff, but hate the packaging
I've used this coffee butter for several different items and I love it. It smells awesome making a mocha scent combined with the dark chocolate FO. However, I wish you'd package it differently. So much of it sticks to the plastic bag and is wasted. I've tried scraping it off with a spatula, but there is still some waste. It's expensive, so I hate to lose any.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Pamela! I'm so glad you love our Coffee Butter! I'm sure it would be wonderful combined with the Dark Rich Chocolate Fragrance Oil. Though, I'm sorry the packaging isn't your favorite. I will email you personally to discuss this further.

Verified Purchase
by Athena
on 1/24/2015
Must Have "Cream" with this Coffee
This butter melts nicely on the skin. Now I'm a coffee lover, but this butter does tend to leave more of a burnt coffee after scent when used. I personally didn't mind the scent, but everyone who I had sample the butter, all said it had a faint lingering smell of old burnt coffee. I still think this is a great butter to use, but I think to make the most of the scent, it will need to be combined with other butters (like Shea) and add some vanilla. I think combining the coffee butter with ground coffee together in a scrub would be too much. I personally would choose either one or the other. Like I said, it is a great skin moisturizer, I just don't think this scent is for everyone. I say grab some anyways and experiment!
Verified Purchase
by Susan
on 9/15/2014
I rarely write reviews but I had to comment on this coffee butter. I used it in my first attempts making a body lotion and an emulsified sugar scrub (recipes here on Brambleberry) and, wow! Loved it! Fantastic scent as well as a creamy application. Great for using first thing in the morning with my coffee soap. I won't be using this butter in my soaps because it's too expensive; however, I definitely will be making more of my "Coffee Latte" sugar scrub and body lotion. I'm focusing on CP soap for myself (aging, dry, sensitive skin) and samples I've given to friends have received rave reviews. Now I'm testing more soaps along with sugar scrubs and body lotions for my skin type. I live in a retirement community and believe there will be a good market for my soaps. At least enough to pay for my "hobby."
Verified Purchase
by Jennifer
on 9/12/2014
Not Sure?
I'm not sure how I feel about this product. I was expecting a nice 'coffee' smell; however, what I received smells like burnt coffee. Not a good smell. I was hoping that fragrance oils would help mask this so I made a batch of the whipped coffee butter using the almond and vanilla select fragrance oils and when my husband used some, he immediately shook his head and said,"ewwww! it smells like it's burnt!" and washed his hands to get rid of the smell. I used some next, and yep, still smells like it's burnt. Ick. So, I'm not sure if it's 'supposed' to smell burnt? OR if I might have just gotten a bad batch? (I bought 2 lbs and they both have the burnt odor.) Either way, with the price being what it is, I'm don't think I'll purchase any more to test either theory. First time I've been disappointed with anything I've purchased from Bramble Berry. :(

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jennifer! I'm sorry this product wasn't your favorite. We smelled it here and got a freshly ground coffee bean scent. However, everyone’s nose is different! If you're not a fan of the scent, you can mix it with Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil to warm it up. You can also add a little less to your recipe to get the nourishing qualities, but ensure that the scent won’t be too strong. I'll be emailing you personally to help resolve this issue!

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