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Linda (Linnie)
Perfect balance of sweet and tart!!!

I think I have found my new favorite cranberry fragrance. Made a batch last week and it just keeps getting better as it cures! I did mix oils and lye water at 110 degrees, and I am glad I did... It does move fast, but it is worth the effort! It turned out a lovely golden light tan color... Think it would look fabulous with a bordeaux colored mica swirl. The cranberry is true and tart, and the pomegranate gives it this lovely deep and rich red fruit edge... The citrus and spice notes are a beautiful accent... And the soft musk and vanilla notes wrap it up like a beautiful gift. LOVELY cranberry and pomegranate blend!

Need to master the acceleration

I LOVE this smell. I made two batches of CP soap. Both of which accelerated so fast that I didn't have success. Both batches I was working with two colors. One batch I divided the scent proportionally into it right before I poured it. I was soaping at 120 degrees. It was at light trace when I did it. Glop... Next batch I put less scent in and soaped closer to 110 degrees. Glop... BUT I have to say this is some of the best smelling glop I have ever made. Good thing my family doesn't care what their soap looks like. I will have to master this smell before I can sell it! Until then....lotion and sachets get this amazing smell.

One of My Favorites

Love, love this fragrance, as does my family, friends, and customers. I have to keep this on hand. I normally soap CP room temp and I've had no major problems with acceleration. My soap does color tan, but it's okay when swirled with a burgundy color.

One of my top 2 favorite fragrances

I love this scent! I haven't had problems doing CP with this fragrance. Like all FO's that may cause problems, try to soap at a lower temperature and go to light trace. Cranberry Pomegranate FO and Lilac FO are the two best sellers with my customers!

Wonderful Scent

I have used this in Hot Processed soap and in body butters. I would not have noticed if it accelerated in CP but it was fantastic in HP. Very strong and sticks extremely well. In a leave on product I would reduce the amount you use a bit. As far as discoloration, I never had any problems. My HP was white and pinkish-cranberry colored swirls and the colors were very true. I need to order more of this as it's my son's favorite. I've not used it in CP yet and will try sometime in the future.