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Love the seeds but they float to the top (bottom

I love the texture, the feel and the scent, but when I add them to my melt and pour goat milk base, they float to the top of the mold I am using. What am I doing wrong? i really tried to blend, but feel there is a secret that I am not grasping.

Discoloration in CP Soap

I initially wanted to use these seeds as a little pop of red color in a batch of cp spa bars. Unfortunately, not only did they turn from red to black in the soap, they discolored the area immediately around each and every seed. The discoloration sort of resembled little halos of DOS, so I'm not sure if the seeds just immediately went rancid inside the soap during the first 36 hours or not. Was I right in thinking that these were intended to be used in cp soap? As an exfoliant they are somewhat on the coarse side, and are at least twice the size of poppy seeds. They are an effective exfoliant, but I don't think I would want to try them in a bar soap again.

Stephanie M
Cranberry seeds

I used these in a CP soap I made at the end of last year (2014). I did about 2/3 without it and the top 2/3 with the cranberry seeds mixed in. i only used a teaspoon in a three pound bath but they were rougher than I would have liked for my sensitive skin. I gave a few to family and friends and they thought they were the perfect scrubiness so I guess it depends on the person.


I know you can add it in soap, but will it be safe to add in lotion bars, solid sugar scrubs,scrubs & creams?

used in Cranberry Spice exfoliating soap

I got a free sample of these seeds in November. I decided to make a Cranberry Spice soap and added some seeds in the lower level of the soap. I made two loaves and it sold fast! Several people got back with me and bought more.