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I don't use this on swirled or multi colored soaps, but on plain colored soaps it is so nice. It adds a lot of texture and interest to an otherwise plain bar. It works great -- I just need to perfect my cutting technique so I can get straight bars. :)

My soap came out with a "bowed" cut in the middle

I used this on a bar of layered coffee butter soap today, and the soap came out curved. The cutter "bowed" in the middle of the soap, so the bars are kind of U shaped. I used a wooden cutting box to guide it, and without the soap in it, everything is straight. The metal is too flexible. I assume this particular loaf of soap is a little firmer in the middle, but it was only in the mold for about 36 hours.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Pamela!  I'm sorry you had troubles with this cutter and the result was bowed in the middle soap.  In our tests and recipe our Crinkle Cutter did not bow and made clean cuts as seen in the Wash Your Mouth Out With Strawberry Pie tutorial.  I will email you personally to resolve this issue. 

In love

I am in love with this cutter! I had no idea how lovely it would be to use. It went really smoothly through my soap, and it turned out amazing. I'm really glad that I added it to my order.

A very solid cutter!

Aside from having the fun wave pattern it's very well crafted! The craftsmanship is solid and the handle is raised from the waved blade so it's great for cutting tall bars of soap! I have had my cutter for almost a month and it hasn't shown any signs of wear!

Great Cutting Tool

This is a great cutting tool for soap - it's sharp and makes a nice, straight crinkle cut. BB should list the dimensions in the description.