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crumbly soap and not that great of a smell

I kept seeing all the great reviews of this FO so I decided to buy some. I'm a newbie soaped so I only stick with my basic 2lb formula and have made about 10 batches with other FO and haven't had any issues. This time the FO drastically sped up the trace, usually I have to mix for a lot longer but this time it was about 1/2. When I wen to cut the soap I noticed it was a bit oiler than my other batches and crumbled or broke towards the bottom of the soap when cut. It may be that I mixed it wrong and got a false trace. Regardless, I wasn't excited about the scent of the FO smelled a little like Sweet Tarts and not very "energetic"or as citrus like as it claimed.

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Completely Perfect.

I may need to buy a bathtub full of this stuff. At first, I thought I was nose-blind to it, so I spent two months sniffing the bottle and wondering what was wrong with me before deciding "what the heck, I'll make a batch with it and see if I can smell it in soap." SO Glad I did. It's bursting with citrus and fruit smells, and behaved PHENOMENALLY in my three-color mantra swirl. No discoloration, no acceleration, just a beautiful batch of soap with a bright and vibrant scent. Any fan of citrus will be pleased with the scent, and working with the soap was a joy.

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Love it!

Based on reviews I am glad I did not get a chance to smell the original formula because I absolutely love this fragrance oil and wouldn't want to be disappointed. Smells awesome. I use it for bath bombs and I have had nothing but great reviews on the fragrance.

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A new favorite!

I bought this due to all the good ratings. I was not disappointed. I made sugar scrubs and "petit fours" soaps with it for Christmas. My sister and nieces were in love with it. I am thinking about buying more to use in a reed diffuser. Someone said it smelled like "Spree" candies. I agree. It is citrusy and sweet (not tart at all).

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Love this sent in my candles

I used energy in my candles and love it! It smells wonderful and sweet.