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Not crazy about this one.

I thought it smelled ok oob, but after cp soaping it I was disappointed. I felt it gave my soap a stale smell, like old soap that is about to get rancid. And maybe it's me, but I just don't smell the gingerale.

Wonderful! Fizzy! So Real

Love this FO. It soaps well, and smells fresh and fizzy exactly like a bottle of Ginger Ale. I'd put this one in the Willy Wonky category, that is, how did they bottle straight Ginger Ale? Wonderful. Magic!

Very fresh

I absolutely do smell the laundry soap smell. In fact it was second to my first reaction upon sniffing the cap and I immediately thought ohhhh sparkling lime and lemon and quite similar to Ginger ale! I said nothing and went to my daughter and said smell this and her reaction was oh so fresh!! I said Ginger ale and carbonation and she said yes!! Did not accelerate at all! And waiting to see what the colors do. I used purple Aqua and green. I will buy again. I'm thinking gain laundry soap?? But mostly straight up Ginger ale and carbonation! Kinda wanted to taste it. Hahahahahaah

Authetic and refreshing

I love this fragrance and so do my friends and family (aka beta testers). I think the description about smelling the bubbles is spot on. So far we've tried it in regular mp (white), mp shave using the clay and vitamin e recipe from soap queen, and my original shower gel from scratch. I think it will work well as a lotion and body spray fragrance too. It's unanimously loved! I'm grateful for the small sizes to try fragrances but this one is coming to me in a big bottle, on my next order!

Holy ginger ale!!!

When I opened the bottle, I could've sworn I heard smells EXACTLY like a bottle of ginger ale from the store!! I've had to resist drinking the bottle just to be sure the makers didn't put real soda in to fool me!! Can't wait to try this in my soaps!