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Not what I was expecting.

I got this fragrance about a year ago and I have yet to use it. I don't smell lime or ginger. It smells more like a laundry or dish detergent. I've had friends and family smell it and the all say the same.


I mixed this half-and-half with Tea Trea EO, and it works well to round off some of the harsher edges of the EO. Did not accelerate for me, but I only used 1 oz of Ginger-Lime (with 1 oz Tea Trea) in 40 oz of soap, diluting the scents in 2 oz of superfatting oils as well. I would purchase again; I think it would be nice by itself in a shaving soap.


This is a refreshing, ginger ale type of scent that pairs well with Bamboo and Green Tea. This is a nice scent for a lotion bar geared to be used as an after tanning moisturizer.

Great scent, accelerates like nobody's business

The scent is incredible - it makes me happy. Beware the acceleration, however. Not much working time, which makes swirls a bit tricky. It's not a deal breaker by any stretch; just be aware of the acceleration before going in!

Love the Scent!!

I absolutely love this scent -- but it accelerated very quickly and riced this time (went for "strong" scent). Was able to stick blend it to a very thick trace. I did dilute the fragrance in an ounce of the oils but the acceleration was much faster than i anticipated. I'm wondering if soaping at room temperature would help with the acceleration and blending 50% with Ginger Ale might help with the ricing. Would appreciate any comments to these ideas before trying again.